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Live from the Allentown Fair.

SpikeTalon 8 Sep 3

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Have not seen that place in many years. Do they still do the farmers market on the weekends? Strohs had closed in 2001 I had moved away in 2003.

Yeah, Farmers Market is open on weekends, and of course right now.

You remember that building in the background I'm sure...

@SpikeTalon Yes i had gotten stitched their once. Was working at Swenson in the Whitehall mall, I was bussing tables cut my finger on a glass ashtray.


I love those old school fairs with 4H club. I especially like the food🙂

The food is my favorite.


Gotta say I hate fair carney rides. Happened to be on a ride following someone who must have eaten something greasy and it didn't sit well. Happened a very long time ago but I remember it like yesterday.

I enjoyed the rides when I was a teen, but not that much anymore. I do however usually go on one spectacular thrill ride.

@SpikeTalon My advice, "Ride up front".

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