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What is your favorite restaurant? Where would you most likely take someone on a date once you get past the coffee phase? I would have to say that I would take someone for some sushi if they were into that. I love sushi and while it is more expensive, it is something I would like to share with someone.

Levi_Hinton 7 Sep 4

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Commander's Palace.


I would ask them what they liked or what they were in the mood for. I would then suggest a place.


I would asses his tastes and personality and choose a restaurant accordingly. I live within walking distance or a short drive of several excellent restaurants. -- If he isn't really a restaurant kind of person, I'd pick up a pizza or some burritoes from a food truck or some tasty "hole in the wall" type joints I know, pack a cooler of beer/wine or other beverage, and head to the beach to watch sunset or the colors change in the sky. No one to bother us, and we could chat the evening away.


I would take the person to my favourite place to eat, my home. I don’t go to restaurants much because I prefer to cook and eat my own food. I would cook up a storm of amazing delicious dishes.


I like a good French bistro, but I'm open to anything relaxing and comfortable.


I used to meet men for a first date at a bar-b-q place on Cave Run Lake, near Morehead, KY, followed by a hike up to Lockegee Rock, and an easy rock climb to the top.
That way I didn't waste my Saturday day off, and got in a nice birding hike. Any men not up for such things were easily noted and eliminated from consideration.


Love the Sushi idea, its my favorite also!!!

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