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Ask a Question or leave a Comment about my Presidency and I will respond like Trump.

Tell me I'm GREAT, tell me I suck, ask about my stance on a given policy, or any of a Thousand scandals -- No one has ALL the Answers like I do.

#prezforlife #nocollusion #riggedwitchhunt

Sgt_Spanky 7 Sep 4

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The GUTLESS SCUM who "anonymously" made these UNTRUE ALLEGATIONS against my Administration today is just the sort of COWARD that we used to EXECUTE for TREASON! A practice we need to bring back immediately! Anyone with Information on the Identity of this TRAITOR has a Duty as an AMERICAN to TURN HIM IN so he can answer for his Crime!!! I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THIS COCKROACH IS DRAGGED INTO THE LIGHT AND EXPOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #deathstoogoodforhim


You have been given the incredible nickname "Two Pump Trump." Can you share your wonderful secret on how to be so amazingly efficient and effective with your time so that you can move on to more pressing matters, like saving America from ISIS and liberals and in general being the greatest most genius president ever? Thank you in advance and God bless you and everything you do for all of US! - Al Pastor, FOX News, Fair and Balanced


That's a LOT to get through. I gonna need you to Reduce this to a series of bullet points and include as many pictures as possible and at least one Boob Shot.


I think Trump is great for democracy. He's shown how broken and flawed it is. It's technically mob rule after all...


Can you see Sarah Palin's house from Putin's bedroom?

Vladimir Putin is REAL MAN and a GREAT LEADER who knows how to Kill his enemys and control his people! His Penis is even YUGER than MINE! (but just barely) and he takes no bullsh-t from the lying FAKE NEWS!! So far as Palin is concerned, I'd do her.


Okay... wait right here.

Donald Trump doesn't Wait! Ask ANY woman I've Paid for sex. I'm in and out in 3 mins!! NO RIGGED COLLUSION HUNT...or whatever.


We can all answer as Trump. Just be the best, greatest, most amazing and bull shit all numbers. Lie and hate. We can all do this but choose not to.

EMC2 Level 8 Sep 4, 2018

Vote for ME in 2020! MAGA!!! NO COLLUSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would tell him to ignore the annoying hate filled sore losers who can not accept his being president

You are a Smart person and a wise R voter! I look forward to my reElection in 2020! MAGA again!


@Sgt_Spanky lol, you must be a masochist to post something like that, hahaha, I'm nearly crying. #DonaldTrump

I am the MOST Masochist! NO one is more Masochist that ME!!! Masochist is good, right? MAGA forever!!!!


What can we do to make you leave the country and never come back?

You are an Ugly hate-filled Looser! I wouldn't f-ck you with Jared's dick you D baby America Hater!

@LionMousePudding Vote R in the Mid-Terms and ME in 2020!!! My Re-Election Slogan is "Donald Trumps Everyone!!"

@Sgt_Spanky how would you fuck someone with Jared's dick? Do you hold it in your hands often?

@LionMousePudding Have never held another mans dick. I AM ALL MAN!! i only GRAB WOMEN'S PUSSIES!! You are a D Liar and lesbian like disgusting Rat-Faced Rosie O'Donnell!!! Sad!!


Just like any person in governmental power regardless of political party, the naysayers come out to try and rain on the parade. So these people in power have no superhuman abilities they are not immortal. They get to where they are much as a used cars sales do to get you to buy a previously owned car. So if Trump is tried and prosecuted for some obscurity should the Congress be required to appoint a special committee to investigate all currently living past presidents to determine any discrepancies they left behind?

I think you missed the point. What would you like to say to Trump?

@LionMousePudding So if Trump is tried and prosecuted for some obscurity should the Congress be required to appoint a special committee to investigate all currently living past presidents to determine any discrepancies they left behind?

@azzow2 I repeat, I think you have misunderstood this post. When I want to talk about your ideas about Trump being or not being investigated or not being investigated, I will go to a post about investigating or not investigating Trump.

You either misunderstand or you are trolling, and neither one deserves a third response. If you still need to troll, consider yourself without my attention.

@LionMousePudding Has nothing to do with the currents president. If you commit a federal crime would law enforcement not investigate your family past practice your friends. They do this to be through not to try and impound more criminal charges on you.

Too many Words. Did not read. MAGA!


Why don't we hear much about Rick Perry these days?

Rick is doing a GREAT job at Whatever it was I appointed Him too!

@Sgt_Spanky Does he know what that was?

@chalupacabre He does and he'll Continue to do it with my FULL support until he's Eventually indicted for...something.


Why do you keep employing witches & then encourage them to be hunted? Are you anti-witch or just trying to make America great again 1 witch at a time?

The Rigged Witch Hunt has FAILED to turn up any Witches in there rigged witch hunt against me because their was NO COLLUSION!!!


Does a good ol' fashion game of golf help with all the important decisions you make, or are you a serious player trying to better your score, or both?

I was going to ask how your game's going too...look forwards to hearing.

I am all of the ABOVE and a stable Genius and I have YUGE hands!! Great at Golf! AMAZING!!!

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