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A Night At The Fair.
The Great Allentown Fair 2018. All photos taken by me on Labor Day.

SpikeTalon 8 Sep 4

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That atmosphere kind of takes your memory back to when you were young I am sure.

Sure does, and aside from who runs the carnival midway now not that much has changed since I was a kid, and most likely nothing much has changed since the last time you were there. Speaking of which, do you remember a game stand called Uncle Nick's Candy? You put a quarter on a number and if your number comes up you win. I won three times (six candy bars) this year at the fair on $1.75.

@SpikeTalon I can't remember that game I did win a record amount of times tossing the rings on the coke bottles one year the lady had asked me not to play anymore.

@azzow2 That stand is by the entrance to the farmers market across from Ag Hall, right behind Vince's cheesesteaks usually, if you could picture where Vince's is. They've been in the same spots for as long as I can remember. From the years 2004-2006 there was a dart game in which the targets were small red stars, and I won like crazy all three of those years. The stand owner even made a point of saying that I cleaned him out. The following year in 2007 he was gone and hasn't been back since.

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