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I have no words...

Tomfoolery33 9 Sep 5

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And a lot to explain.....


We need to keep working to make sure nobody ever has to scribe a phrase like this ever again. I had much fear when the B.S. in Bosnia was going down that we were going to see history repeat.


Well ... if the god is, say, Cthulu, maybe not. But I take his meaning. If there's a god that claims to be benevolent and kind and all powerful and all knowing ... Dachau was a major fail.

Sadly, Dachau was just the beginning of Hitler's orgy of death.

@pnfullifidian Not even the beginning, really. More people were mass murdered in places like Poland and Lithuania before the concentration camp system was created, than died in the concentration camps. They bulldozed trenches and machine-gunned people into them. Jews, communists, people falsely accused by terrified neighbors trying to themselves escape suspicion. Little known fact.

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