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Visited a Universal Unitarian church. I loved it, and I think it will be my home. A big THANK YOU for those who suggested it.

RYSR10 6 Jan 21

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A classic UU joke: Man was in surgery & was dead for a few & came back with a bemused look. The Doc seeing the look asked, "Did you see God?" The man nodded, "She's Black". I go to the Foothills UU in Fort Collins & they do 3 every Sun: 8, 10, & 1130. The best part is that they believe that everyone has a part of the truth. Which is why they are always on the forefront to include as much of the community as possible.


Glad to hear you found a community, young man.



I am glad it fills the hole.



Glad you found a good one. I've dabbled on and off over time - but after the last one I was attending gradually changed their membership, I no longer found it fulfilling.

What happened? Were members starting to develop more of a biased point of view?

@RYSR10 It became less and less diverse in ages over time. And a bit too much ceremony. I found myself waiting for the incense and Latin next !

@evergreen Incense and Latin? What do you mean?

@RYSR10 referring to a Catholic Mass - it used to be said completely in Latin - and during part of it - incense was burned. All hocus-pocus !


I'm considering stopping in on one.
If for No other reason, but to find some progressive friends..

That is a reason for me going.


Reminds me of a joke:

Q: What do you call an agnostic with kids?
A: A Unitarian.

Haha, gotcha!

@RYSR10 I always liked that joke, because it says something real about human nature. 🙂


I attended a UU church with my parents as a child. I'm still surprised mom got my atheist dad to even go there ! I went back as an adult for awhile but once I discovered people online that think like me I didn't really feel the need to keep going. UU'ers are an open minded bunch !!!

They certainly are open-minded. I was talking with an atheist who was a really cool guy. It is a very weird experience talking with members of a church who have so much different views.


each one seems to have its own character. I usually enjoy the community


went today for the first time. Learned about it on this site.

Really enjoyed it. After services found out about half the people attending were atheist or agnostic. My local one does a bunch of charities and volunteer work which definitely suits me.

Yes, I learned about UU churches on this site the other day. I cannot explain how weird it is going to a church who are atheists and agnostics (in a good way lol). Yes, they do alot of community work and advocacy for minorities such as those who are LGBTQ. I plan to be active and I think I will love it.


I went to a Universalist Unitarian Church a few times. I really liked it because different people would lead a discussion on different beliefs. it was totally non-denominational and was also very diverse. It brings a new meaning to the term "Church" for me!

Yes, it is certainly a very weird experience (in a good way). We will see how things turn up!


I am glad to hear this. When I saw UU suggested on this site I looked in my area and we have 2 within a 20 minute drive. I will be checking this out when I get the time.

I certainly suggest it. Me and the minister were talking for a good 30 minutes about how the UU church was constructed; basically history. It was great.


So glad to hear that! I still have a place in my heart for UU. Just out of reach for me at the moment!


What is it?

Apparently it's a church for humanitarians, I just heard of it myself. I think it sounds really cool.

Unitarian Universalist church, or the church for people who aren't religious. I attended a Wiccan service once.

It was a great experience. I was told there that basically it is for people to be one's self, to develop and grow in their own views/faith


I enjoyed one of our UU churches. Problem being it was way across town and I just don't want to drive that far. I know, first world lazy person problem.

I don't think lazy...I have the same problem! UU churches are not on every street corner, like the 8 churches that I have here within 8 blocks!!

Mine is about under a 15 minute drive; sorta across town, but not really. Not bad at all.


I've visited those. It was a good experience.

skado Level 9 Jan 21, 2018
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