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Can all of the Americans on this site, regardless of your political leanings, agree that we want what is the best for our country?

Please take six minutes to watch this, a few minutes to think about it, and then leave any constructive comments you care to.

mcgeo52 8 Sep 7

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Spot on! Exceptionalism is something we should aim for, for its own sake... or our own sake, and not because of or in spite of any other country. I'm not sure comparisons to other countries actually help the cause.

Knowing this is actor Jeff Daniels, I did a little digging and discovered this is apparently from HBO's The Newsroom. It doesn't surprise me that Aaron Sorkin was behind this series, and I have little doubt he is the one who wrote this scene, or at the very least the speech.


My take on this is that we need a truly educated and informed populace.

We need to restore the fairness doctrine for starts.


This is right on! We have been sliding down a slippery slope for all my life time. I have said for quite awhile we need a new element, a Middle class representation not just someone who adds that to the slogans in an attempt to be elected. A Middle Class party who above all is totally comprised of and represents the working class to stop the theft of wealth by the 1% and the drain of knowledge to benefit the chosen few. Who are not afraid to both admit that they are wrong when they are, and will also stand up for the right. Above all we must not be afraid to look around at the rest of the world the directions that they are taking and not to be beyond change if change is what is needed for us to live and prosper for all ages!


Oh I remember watching this show. This speech by Jeff really blew my mind. It was absolutely on point.

This has been around a while, but still very appropriate.

@tfg1929, more appropriate now than ever.


The guy looks familiar, who is he?

That said he really blew the lid off that fallacy. I personally have felt for a long time we are not the greatest, I had hoped with Obama we might be able to crawl out of the hole. Nope, could not get beyond big corporate and the wealthy.
Both parties are responsible, I have been saying this since the 1990's. Divide and conquer politics got us here, how do we change it?

Thanks for posting. I do not even know what a constructive comment is anymore. Seriously, I want better candidates, I want better education.

I want better media!!! I am tired of name calling. Booker and Harris put on quite a show at the hearings. Why is that circus being allowed?

I want Al Franken back.

Jeff Daniels, apparently from HBO's The Newsroom. []

@bingst AH!! Right, TY. I guess sometimes having a TV would be a good thing. Still does not change my thoughts. He is correct, we are not the tops on the good things in society.


Statements like this are typically countered by a bunch of uneducated conservatives bitching about people not talking about American exceptionalism, to which I want to reply that stupidity can be exceptional too. We showed the world how then let everyone pass us in every way possible while pining away for the good old days, whatever those are supposed to be. We've had an anti intellectual culture since the country was founded, which isn't as bad in an agrarian society but fails the entire country in a modern industrial society.

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