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Modern slavery

By HippieChick589
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I wonder where the numbers stand on this. Very high I am sure. The Anti Slavery Society doesn't deal much with economic slavery, except in extremes. They estimate 200 to 250 million fully enslaved people in the world. That number rises even higher when women trapped in forced marriages is added on.


Go even further. Garunteed basic income for all.

Umbral Level 8 Sep 9, 2018

That would be amazing!


A capitalist system is all about exploiting the labor and ideas of others for the sole benefit of a few. The greater the exploitation, the closer an exploited person is to being a slave.


I agree with him.


This is also why employer provided health care contributes to slavery. I hung on to my job because of health care benefit. They decided (and I agreed) that it wasn't a good fit and I was given a choice of resign or micromanaging and eventual termination, and I chose to resign. Whereas I'm very fortunate that I have some income independent of the workplace, I don't have affordable health care. I am saying I'm "retired" but lack of insurance is scary. Can you imagine how many small business would start up if everyone had healthcare? What a boost to the economy, but that might be (gasp) socialism or worse! To me it is just goo sense.

I have never understood how politicians wouldn't embrace healthcare for all as a business benefit, saving corporations and small businesses billions. Pharmaceutical industry is awful powerful.

@Beowulfsfriend Big Pharma has deep pockets and wants repeat customers, not cures.


Rings of a fundamental truth.

Condor5 Level 8 Sep 9, 2018

Most definitely!


Try telling a Republican on any level this. But I do agree 100%


So fucking true, it hurts.

kenriley Level 8 Sep 9, 2018
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