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What do you think happens when you die?

gdboogietime74 5 Jan 23

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People fight over your estate and inheritance. Or did I misunderstand the question? 🙂



You decompose. Eventually, the Sun destroys the earth. Then everything gets cold until you get sucked into a black hole into a new dimension - maybe the 5th - if it is, then you get to sing This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius all day.

jeffy Level 7 Jan 23, 2018


Conservation of energy. Energy is distributed and reapplied. Did watch the documentary on 21 grams still not clear what happens to the 21 grams. That documentary was older and the measurement could be different. Have not followed up on it.


I have requested to be cremated...I guess, the energy that disapated from my body, merged back with everything else!


Doesn't really matter to me much I guess. It is beyond me to know until I get there, and probably still beyond me then still. It has been done many many times.


There is, perhaps, no more striking example of the credulity of man than the widespread belief in immortality. This idea includes not only the belief that death is not the end of what we call life, but that personal identity involving memory persists beyond the grave. So determined is the ordinary individual to hold fast to this belief that, as a rule , he refuses to read or think upon the subject lest it cast doubt upon his cherished wishful thinking. I myself was of a similar mind in the past but I realised over time that 'cold hard' logic and rational thinking gave me the understanding that death is exactly what it looks like. When you're dead, you don't even know your dead and there's no one there or anywhere to know anything. This understanding puts real 'zest' into life and living.

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