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I would like to see "friends", like Fb on here. Is that possible? Agree, disagree?

mikebeed 7 Sep 12

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Not sure it's necessary, I know who my buds on here are, don't need a list 🙂


Use the "follow" feature.....?


I thought we were all friends here. Well, sort of.

Deb57 Level 8 Sep 13, 2018



we can see who follows us and whom we follow. we can see our messages, so we know with whom we've communicated. we can mark favorite people. isn't that like a friends list?


@Quazi that too! i have not been here long so i have not marked anyone as a fave but am watching to see which names i enjoy again and again, and so far am following such, but will eventually mark as faves.



No. I don't want this site to resemble facebook.

not me. different function. i can do both! fortunately they're different.


This site is lined with FB. Just Saying.

@Quazi Look at the two way handshake. Goes through FB.

@Quazi Don't know if you are being sarcastic... But I can tell you some things.

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