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This is exactly why I can’t deal with most Christians!!! Someone posted this on Facebook and had to share with the group so leave me snarky remarks!!! As I’ve said before, Christianity is an evil blood cult, nothing more! Hahahaha!

EmeraldJewel 7 Sep 12

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My 12 year old(also atheist) and I were driving along and saw a beat up old car covered in jebus stickers. I told him, if there was a god, certainly he could put in a call for a better car.” My son just cracked up.
This kind of nonsense is common in Texas.





I would not use this trucking firm


I view this simply as an advertisement of a movie I'm not interested in seeing.


Does he like Coors?


I suddenly want tacos? I'm changing my mind from El Paso to Taco Bell sauce...


If I was a cop I'd pull him over for a load check. That's the perfect cover for smuggling illegal immigrants.


Oh yes, they annoy me to no end.

Yet most have the nerve to always protest and say they are the ones that are being prosecuted, yet support a hateful ass belief system such as this!

@EmeraldJewel Very true. That's why I am certain that Christians are the most arrogant people on this planet. They bitch, complain, and moan because their belief system that they use as a crutch is being attacked and they cannot live without it. Their entire life would then be a lie and they'd be forced to see all of their missed opportunities because of their belief system.


Just to be fair with the scenery depicted in that picture... A lot of Jesus live in El Paso/Juarez area. I mean, a lot ?

I told my mom, who is very catholic by the way, that I got a message from Jesus. She asked what the message was and I told her he was looking for a fuel price. I work with jet fuel. I laughed really hard on that one.

@Captain747ex lmfao I bet she didn’t like that!!!

@EmeraldJewel No, not really. But she did think it was kind of funny. She has been the more accepting one regarding my lack faith. We actually debate every now and then.

Been to El Paso many times--I drove for a week one day through West Texas just to get to San Antonio. The radio dial is pretty much country western, Spanish, rock or ... Jesus Christ! 😉

I live in El Paso! Lol

@MichelleGar1 Then I hope you'll get the joke ????

@IamNobody I did! Lol


It's better for him to exist before you meet him. Stop drop and roll does not work with mythology.


I mean... if you're going to hell you're not going to meet him anyway?

Remi Level 7 Sep 13, 2018


Damn that's a good point !!!!! ?


Agreed. Technically xtians don't even know their own bible. They can tell you everything about hell but don't shit about heaven. Lol

Lmfao you are so right! I once talked to this woman and she couldn’t even tell rather it not if people would be aware that others are Hell!

@EmeraldJewel smh. Well they are called sheep for a reason. Lol


Don't feed the trolls and don't let the turkeys get you down.

Troll food?


I knew him once, or at least I thought I did. But he was a terrible friend--he kept hiding, and was never around when folks really needed him ... especially the little kids who he was alleged to have adored.


0 xian of them.

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