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Inclement weather, it is something most of us have to deal with. And thinking about the hurricane and all the different weather we have in our world, gotta ask....
What is your home weather like? If you want to add a photo of your weather today, wonderful.

Akfishlady 8 Sep 12

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Hurricanes, flooding, heat, humidity, tornadoes, heat, oh, and humidity. The pics are from like half an hour ago

@Akfishlady I dig it

@Akfishlady well, except for the heat. And the humidity...

@Akfishlady word


Perfect, virtually every day. Typically in the mid to high 70's here, sunny and a sweet little breeze. And I'm only 5 miles from the coast. This is such a contrast to where I was living a year ago in the Inland Empire, so-called; temps this time of the year were so high (often in the 90's and higher), I was discouraged from outdoor activity. Now, it's like paradise where I'm living, by comparison.

@Akfishlady yep, I know, I was there. I'll never go back.


I was out for my walk a while ago, partly cloudy not too warm yet. It was beautiful. I love fall, the cooler temperatures are such a relief.


cooler than it's been, mostly cloudy, great sleeping with windows open. we have 4 full seasons usually. autumn is my favorite.

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