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I'm new to the group so IDK if you have done the "High Fidelity" thing and listed your top 5 movies? I would love to hear what does it for everyone else.
Angels with Dirty Faces
Things to do in Denver when your Dead
Army of Darkness
The Thin Man (Love all of those)

Btbd 7 Sep 13

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Kill Bill 1&2
A Clockwork Orange
One Flew Over the Cukoos Nest
Full Metal Jacket

Don't necessarily like the sound of your first 2 picks...bwahaha

@Btbd I don't care! I love them, no one else has to! Lol


The wizard of oz
Toy story
Sleepless in Seattle
Hard to kill, one and two


While I've seen these before, I always love talking about my favorite movies.

I'm not sure which order these go in, but they are my all-time faves.

Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings (The special LONG editions)
The Princess Bride
Radioland Murders
Johnny Dangerously
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


No specific order but
Withnail & I
Star Wars (except the first three timeline wise)
Die Hard
The Goonies


Oh can I replace Goodfellas with Dead Man's Shoes

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