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Truthfully, this site makes me feel like i am at a buffet...just pick what u want!....i feel kinda greasy!..i don't do social media and have never been on any of the FB, Instagram, twitter, etc, so maybe this is what the world has come to.

IamBane 6 Sep 14

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Yes, this is what the world is becoming, but no, the world’s not worth a shit


they're all tools and everyone has a different use for them. some people's imaginations extend only as far as uploading pictures of dinner. others try to find friends who may be far-flung as well as long lost. i use it for political purposes as well. i find many uses for it, in fact. sometimes i am rather isolated, being disabled; this opens the world up to me a bit more. you don't have to feel greasy. being at a buffet doesn't obligate you to stuff your face, or to taste every dish. buffets can be nice and do not have to be overwhelming, or sad. but if you can't find what you like, there are other buffets!


maybe it's a function of my gluttonous nature. i see all and i want all!

plus, im the type that goes and gets it

@IamBane ah, then it's you and not the site! all i can say is you have three choices: 1. stay away, 2. stay here and pig out, or 3. stay here and control yourself. there may be other options but i can't think of them.


@genessa it's hard with all these pun intended!


The "kid in a candy store" mentality with online dating leads to a revolving door of first dates. Dating addicts reject people quickly, thinking, "Who's next?"

Women are not objects on a buffet for your sexual consumption.

no maam, and i don't think they's just hard not to tilt towards it. i am a young man after all


Pick a subject that has your interest,reply,or create a post ,get your name around,opionions,likes,dislikes,quite the group of people here.


Hi, Bane, and welcome to the website!

Dunno. At least here you have less chance of having to fend off religious wing nut crazies, and if any appear, just go to their profiles and "block" them.

By the way, this website has a bit of a learning curve, so here's some info, in case you need it.

For members who are open to dating, certain thumbnails and profiles have a heart symbol on them with a percentage. This identifies which members are open to dating, and the percent shows approximately how compatible others are with them.

You gain website points by answering all the profile questions and writing a bio, which also earns website points, and helps other members get to know you.

Commenting on posts and writing your own posts earns more points. At level two you can private message people, and at level eight you get an agnostic T-shirt.

If you want to date, the website uses profile algorithms to find member matches, so the more details one includes, the better the match.

Many people prefer to see a written profile talking about interests, hobbies, and backgrounds that can be quickly perused to find others with similar interests..

In case you didn't know yet, to find members near you, click on the "Browse" button at the top of the page, then on "Members," and enter your preferred search parameters.
Click on the "Discuss" button, then "Nearby" to find members near you also.
Or click on the "About" button at the top left of the page to find links to FAQ or the website tutorial.
Points are now being given to level 3+ members who chat. You can see chat rooms on the group main page or at [].


I use FB for my non profit outreach and to keep in touch with family in other countries. That’s all I do aside from this, and yes it’s kinda how it works these days.


I use FB to keep in touch with people I've worked with in the Air Force,not to socialize as much as some people do. Different bases and aircraft types,weapons systems, and places of work after the Military.

jew ever do any work for L3? it's right by where i live

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