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@KKGator needs less than 600 points to reach Level 9! Let's help give her a boost!

phxbillcee 10 Sep 15

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Varn Level 8 Sep 15, 2018

We've got a new Level 9!!!!


YAY!!!! You made it!!! Congratulations!!!


@KKGator is now a black star!! congrats!!

Thank you!!!!!

@KKGator my likes carry a lot of weight... (jk)

Yep, she's done it! Congrats!!!

@Lukian Well, I think your opinion may, your likes on the other hand...meh! LOL!

@phxbillcee appreciate it (anyway). Thanks Bill.


Guys, gotta go & like & comment on HER posts! Not that I mind the deserved adoration, but it won't help her.

It's okay, Bill. I promise. I'll get there. You guys don't have to make such a fuss. But, it's sweet that y'all are!!!! <3

@KKGator Oh, I know you would, regardless, but it's so much fun when someone, especially a friend, is "on the threshold"!


ha ha ha this is funny... I am sure you will have a good laugh while you get some points along the way... almost level 9 (huge accomplishment) and I always thought @KKGator was a dude !!!!….. Not that it matters, we are all virtual entities here and gender is just a name but non the less, I find it fascinating that I never new !!!!

I've been told I have an androgynous brain. Maybe that's why. LOL
Thanks, dude!!!

@KKGator ha ha more, that's not it, at least not what I meant. It's more like the actual name spells dude all over for some reason I cannot explain..... I guess it's one of those cases of "It's not you, it's me"... 🙂

@KKGator But you look SO cute in that blue dress!

@phxbillcee …… actually that's a good point...I never noticed that either !!… In my defense, I can't see much anymore anyway and those icons are so darn tiny on my phone !!...aggghhh …. Anyway, adding @KKGator to make sure SHE is getting more points !! 🙂 Like annoying kids would say, are we there yet????

@IamNobody Less than 200 needed!

@phxbillcee @KKGator well now like the Wallflowers would sing along...…"We can drive it home"... here more points !!!.. carry on !!!

@KKGator …………….you have the champagne already in the fridge, right???

@IamNobody Again, I know you mean well, but responding to me or my post gives ME points, not @KKGator. Not that I mind, but not what I had in mind!

@phxbillcee ohhhhh… I thought that adding her user name would count towards her points.... ahhh what a boomer. Well , here she is again so she knows I meant well... useless but well... snif snif… @KKGator

@IamNobody You definitely fit right in here! You're as crazy as the rest of us! (& I mean that in a good way!)

@phxbillcee Oh well taken !!!!… I am !!! ah ah aha love it


I know--let's have champagne! Crab cakes? Dancing boys? Maracas?


@KKGator That's a black star....does it mean you made it? YAY.

@LucyLoohoo Yes, I did!!! With A LOT of help from my friends!!!!

@KKGator Basic good with pearls! Shall I pour the champagne now? Nothing like a Sunday mimosa...just saying.

@LucyLoohoo You mean there's some left????!!!! Hells yes!!! Mimosas are a favorite. Especially on Sunday mornings!!! <3

@KKGator Made a special batch...just for YOU! (Put a tad of apricot juice in there...especially tasty!)

@LucyLoohoo I'm particularly partial to Bellinis. So peach and apricot together would be especially delicious.

@KKGator Your wish, m'dear! (I like Bellinis, too!)


You guys are fucking AWESOME!!!!

Yes! More points! Here's some! Good luck!

@onlyif, @MichelleGar1 Thanks!!!

@KKGator you're welcome!!! Are you there yet?

@KKGator less than 200!! Almost!!! I want to help!!!

@MichelleGar1 I just checked. 87 to go!

@KKGator that's awesome!!!! Let's keep this going!!! Lol

@germangirl90439 Yes, ma'am!!! With A LOT of help from my friends!!!!

@germangirl90439 Dilly, dilly!!!


Here's my cats to help you along @KKGator

That should count as extra points!

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