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I love my son ❤????

Sheannutt 9 Sep 16

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I'm so glad you're ok together!

@Sheannutt How lucky you are! Imagine--50 years ago--in the closet, afraid, etc. At all stages of my life, I've had gay friends...they're the BEST! Your son and his friends will enrich your life!

@Sheannutt What fun! You can ''adopt'' them all and have wonderful holidays, watch the Oscars together, etc. I'm smiling for you!


My daughter is gay ... I am proud to be her mum. Why people get "up set" with other peoples sexual preferences is beyond me.

@Sheannutt awww wonderful. Thanks for sharing


And you should love your son. To me it's that simple.


My ex would have done that. He was mortified our one of our daughters had gay friends. He didn't want "those boys" in our home. I told him he was safe and she could invite in anyone she wanted. I think I stayed married to protect the kids. People love who they love, there isn't enough love in the world, why shame or restrict who loves whom. As a parent there is nothing that could make me not love one of my children. I love this child possibly more because she has such an open and loving heart, and she was my biggest challenge as a teenager, but she an amazing adult.


More than anything.


My parents dropped me, & I'm not it can happen with anything. Still not even really sure why.


I could not agree more! I love my kids, no matter what.

Zster Level 8 Sep 16, 2018

I have a stepson, who cheats on his woman and lies about things unnecessarily. I do not like men who are like him, but he is family and I treat him well. Though, we aren't buddies because sometimes I slip and my true feelings show a little, and he picks up on it. If he were gay, I'd not be any more or less at odds with him.


My middle child is trans and, for me, the hardest part is the pronoun. Can't imagine disowning them.

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