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Do we have writers here? Let me know about your published work.

Humanlove 7 Jan 24

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Raises hand I am a writer. I refer to myself as a "Writer" above anything else, including my career. The one that has survived throughout my life has always been my writing. I never talk about it, though. I do in private, but not in public. πŸ˜‰

Sadoi Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

Self-published on Amazon. Guess it's technically a Kindle novel. First published work, but set in a universe that I have pretty solidly mapped out, as we played a role playing game that I developed in it for 6 years. The title is Saint Ravener. It's sci-fi. I'd be happy if you folks gave it a look. The novel I'm working on currently makes me happier, but I imagine many writers feel that way about their first.


Yes. I currently do work on the Episode app and I’m going to also be joining Wattpad.

My current stories on Episode are:
Dangerous Affairs
Haunted: The Haunting Of Claire Black

I’m currently working to finish these on the app then join Wattpad for more serious, adult work


i am amateur AF, here is my crappy fanfic parody of Frozen xD


Trying to send this and two others out this week.

A Parabolic Microphone's Call To Opinionated Martyrs

Sometimes go viral,
Through the porthole glass
Of our fishbowl minds.
In, what is a constant
Historical Moment - (Gia sighs here)
For Nations, Sex
Identity -
The virility of U.S. -
Heat rising, bubbling
Fizzing, foaming,
From the opened mouth of
Generic the water of God's
Watchful eye -
Whom, simply,
Had always been
The woman with w( h )om( b )
We'll be
Be-cumming again.


I write a lot, but I've never published anything.


Define published. I've owned a few websites, wrote a wide variety of content for several others and done some "vanity press" for events...

I've got some samples in my profile photos, mostly songs and poetry from larger fantasy and philosophical works.


As an editor, I think of myself as the writer’s friend, yet some, not unreasonably, think of me as their enemy.

@josh_karpf -- Editing can be a nightmare from our end as well.


Six novels. Currently editing number 7 and publisher is secured. I have two more in process, also with publishing contract. Ten volumes of an anthology series. A few hundred short stories published through various publishers. Several science articles. Articles on yacht design and a few on the application of mathematics to aesthetics in yacht design. A few poems published. Worked as Public Information Officer for a state housing authority and was responsible for regular reports to the public on our activities.

I began writing professionally in 1956 as a Technical Writer/Illustrator for Butler Publications in West Los Angeles, CA. I have since worked as a copywriter for advertising agencies and stores, newspapers, and other publications. My writing slowed during my years as a Naval Architect from 1967 until 1993, but didn't stop. Glad to be back at it.

I also work as a freelance content editor -- sometimes known as the Grim Reaper.

Wow I am impressed, I need to buy some if your works.


I have poems published had a lot more last year the website changed hands and the old owners did not give copyright transfer permission lost years worth of poems. I had some backed up but some are gone forever. Am trying my hand at a novel so am aspiring at this point.


I write all the time, but I haven't published anything.

It's never to late.

I know. I'm just not confident enough in any of my long work. I've written some pretty good poems. But my short stories just don't seem good enough.

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