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Hi! Does anyone here follow Tinykittens or The Critter Room at all?

By PirateNinja4
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I watch Tiny Kittens from time to time, not very often.


Tiny Kittens and I pass it along all of the time. ?

RavenCT Level 9 Sep 17, 2018

Foster Dad John runs The Critter Room, he's the guy that adopted Nakia and Bea. He just adopted out his 61st set of fosters on Saturday.

@PeaceByGreenJobs he gets a lot of help from the rescue he's volunteering for, but he also throws himself into every cat and kitten as if they are his own. Letting them go has got to be torture, but then, there's always more cats and kittens that need help. I think that helps. Plus, his fosters are going to great homes and adopters usually set up a Facebook page for the cam watchers to follow.

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