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It is the moments of decision that shape your destiny.

HippieChick58 9 Sep 17

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And sometimes the decision may be wrong and how you handle that may be more important than having made the right decision.


That can easily become paralysing, as everything we consciously do is a decision. I decided to poke the letters to type out this response. Is that going to affect my fate? Is the ripple effect a thing or does it only have to be big decisions?


I should never have agreed to eating at Casa Bonita.

Ah, Casa Bonita in western Denver ... the food is hideous (a cafeteria style selection of 'Swanson's' type frozen Mexican-ish faire!) But the spectacle of high divers, magicians and other side shows is, well ... let's just say that Casa Bonita is like a place where Mickey Mouse meets Chucky Cheese!


Life and everything about it is the result of continuous decisions big and small, you decide who you let in your life, who you decide to let make decisions for you.


not always. not even usually.


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