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Go away.
Two smiling gentlemen came to my door just now. Mid sentence I said "and you're carrying a bible? Go away!".
Just like that. That's how you do that.
Took all of two seconds, plus a walk to the door.

SACatWalker 8 Sep 19

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Most fun here, best used oh Jehovah’s
Invite them in to talk
Offer them a drink
Let them explain about not drinking
Offer them a drink
Continue offering them alcohol until they say that they have already explained that they don’t drink and that your being rud by attempting to force something they don’t want on them, look at them knowingly and open the door
If you really want to drive the point home say something like
“Yes but I did not go all the way to your house to do it.”
Enjoy never seeing them again lol


That was to the point and effective. If I am not expecting anyone I often don't bother to answer the door.

@SACatWalker If it makes you happy, soldier on!


I don’t even answer the door. And there are damn few I answer the phone for. I literally watch it ring lol.

@SACatWalker I leave the sound off. I see it light up when it rings, so will look to see who is calling. I won’t even use vibrate!
But then again, I’m an introvert. I avoid direct contact with the outside world.


you mean you answer your door? i don't!


@SACatWalker if someone i really need to talk to comes to my door, s/he has called first to make sure i am home and available (and dressed). someone spontaneously ringing my doorbell has no business with me unless my house is on fire and they're there to tell me.


@SACatWalker fucking Timmy. He needs to get his shit together, always falling down wells.

@Minta79 let lassie handle it. she can open doors by herself, right?



That'll do it


Come in and let me tell you why your all wrong


I used to live in a residential neighborhood close to downtown and yes on Saturday mornings there were many that came with their bible or hand out sheets. If I saw them coming, I would strip to the waist and answer the door, never got an argument, they just left.

cava Level 7 Sep 19, 2018
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