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I'm sure this will be an unpopular comment here, but I don't care. This is of course a forum; people are free to voice their opinions and discuss their beliefs. However, I am tiring of all the religious diatribes and anti-religion prostelytizing.

Why, oh why, does everyone want to discuss the virtues or evils of religion? It's a man-made construct as ridiculous as the Kardashians. Can't we just be people and leave religion out of it?

I came here in search of other people who didn't feel the need to ask me to pray for their cat who seems really sad (or other such silly FB tendencies).

Complaining about religion and discussing why it is dumb is just as annoying as sharing 'Jesus Loves You' memes.

Maybe I need to just quit social media altogether. Sigh.

MarvelAnn 8 Sep 19

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One thing I have noticed after being on this site for a while is that as new people come on they have a tendency to ask the same questions that we've all heard before. for somebody who's heard those question too many times it can be frustrating but I also remember that I was new at one time too so I just pass them by and allow other new people to answer the new people's questions

@MarvelAnn very true


I am in league with you, I joined an "atheist" group, but soon found it to be much more of an anti-theist group. I personally do not believe in any gods, but I have a number of friends and family members who do, and though I may think them somewhat misguided, I do not consider them stupid or evil. So I did not stay in that group. I agree with Isaac Asimov's take: "I prefer rationalism to atheism. The question of God and other objects-of-faith are outside reason and play no part in rationalism, thus you don't have to waste your time in either attacking or defending." The only times I get really upset about religion is when someone uses it to hurt someone else, or tries to instill it in government; otherwise I am content with letting people believe, or not believe, whatever they want.


Agree, how do we contribute towards different direction? By posting comments and questions on other topics. There are so many things we can talk about !!!!


Yeah. There are many newly unborn here still getting their land-legs by exploring what they have recently learned about themselves.

For those of us who have been free-from-stupid for years, some of these explorations seem tedious.

Those of us who do not "believe" are still in a minority. Many are still closeted. Some messages here are questions about how to respond to, and defend against, imbeciles who are very nearby and possibly able to significantly affect the lives of the "un-faithful."

Hence, many of us do respond with arguments, and information, to help support those in need.

There are many sub forums here that are on topic. So, explore more, and ignore the static, which is much less than at FB,...

@MarvelAnn .... Difficult to dissuade a supreme being from existing like everywhere. Too bad there are way too many spreading his word.

I do not reject your OP. But, i know there is no where else i can have this much fun with people who at least have doubts. Sometimes i must contribute to their learning.

And, sometimes the posts have the taste of ironic sarcastic duplicitousness. ...

Humor, like god, can be found everywhere.


Sometimes it is good for a person's mental-well being to take a break from social media. I don't think you have to quit forever.It is normal to feel the way you do. There is a type of people here that discuss other things than how religion is dumb,or illogical, (as I think). There are topics like pets, silly topics, I think you just have to be careful where you go. I am an atheist, and I see no need to be negative about religion, other people are the same way too. However, like any group, we have annoying people here too.


Religion has traumatized many people. They are venting to rid themselves of the trauma. Before you joined, you likely did not realize the extraordinary extent of this trauma.

@MarvelAnn Your a 7 level. Set up your own discussion groups which are identified up front as groups with NO religious discussion. I imagine a lot of folks would join them.


Just go to one of our many groups where religion is not even a topic. Skip over the religious discussions. Simple. Permit people to talk about what they wish. You go about the business of avoiding them

@MarvelAnn Well I haven;t seen it. I mean I stumble across it in topics but I do not choose that topic. My rant came at the beginning of my membership. Allow those the same. Just leapfrog over those topics & avoid the comments. Easy. Perhaps you are obsessing. Try avoidance but some tolerance that the topic will be here for some.


No everyone is on your level of comfort regarding their beliefs, or lack of them.
However, I too get fed up with the blatant foolishness..."I am an atheist but fear hell" (just today!) for example. Jump on in & snark all over them, or scroll past. You cannot eat peanuts without shedding tbe shells.

@MarvelAnn so...that means either allowing your blood pressure/ire to be messed up by strangers, or living in a cave with no electricity? Seems like some pretty harsh choices you are giving yourself.....


Your comparison with the Kardashians is funny; and I agree about the complaints and discussions being not interesting. However, some people have been traumatized by family using religion as a whip. My mother's family are fundamentalist Christian, who are essentially dead to me and I to them. There are many people here who do not discuss religion, including me. I'm sorry the people who feel the need to talk about their trauma make you want to quit social media. I hope you stay here.

@MarvelAnn The devil is in the details. Your original post seemed simple, but you've added nuances. You have two options, add to the site rules or convince people to stop doing it. If it becomes a rule, the enforcement includes excluding the person from Is it that serious an offense?


I concentrate on the posts, categories, and groups that interest me and disregard the rest. Works for me.


I take it you're talking about the list of topics on the homepage? If you'll click the gear icon to the right of "Recent Member Activity" you can check "Religion and Spirituality" in the right column, "Show Less of these."

I don't see that many religious topics, and usually just skip those that get by the filter. 😉


Point taken, though I sometimes thrive on the bashing. There are important reasons why religion should be brought down (to size) too. Taxes, predator priests, the ties to higher education ( and lower) Changing doctrine/false doctrine.

@MarvelAnn Moderators can't directly hide or delete posts to their group. This issue has been brought to Admin's attention, so hopefully we'll be able to do that soon, and moderation should improve.


I click on maybe one post out of ten. Of those I comment on maybe one or two. There are posts about most everything so just don't click on stuff your not interested in. A lot of us were very religious for large portions of out lives and we like to share our experiences. I guess this is unpopular with you but just ignore us. No problem.

gearl Level 7 Sep 20, 2018

@MarvelAnn In your original post you never mentioned groups so I assumed that you meant the general discussion area. I can agree with you in groups. I was just watching Ricky Gervais and he was making a joke about a person putting up an ad for guitar lessons and somebody taking offence because they didn’t want any f@#$ing guitar lessons. That’s how I read your original post so I apologize for misunderstanding your meaning but if you would have said: “in groups” I wouldn’t have commented but as it was I felt that by your stipulations any talk about religion should be taboo so I had better get out of here and not let the door hit me on the way out.


GMTA. This is why my flirtation with atheism was brief.


well, maybe. because there are categories here and you are perfectly free to skip the stuff that doesn't interest you. it's not like facebook, where you have to scroll past the pictures of tortured animals or deformed children in order not to see them. here you click on what you like and don't click on what you don't like. if subject lines still offend or tire you, then maybe you're in the wrong place. some of us feel as you do, and are only here to escape all the religious crap, and some of us are here to talk about our atheism. some of us are here for both, because it is all potentially interesting.


@MarvelAnn even the groups still just have headlines to click or not click, but if it is the behavior of the group members, you have a couple choices in addition to that: 1. talk to the group leader; 2. leave that particular group.


@MarvelAnn okay, so tell the admin of the group. that's whom to approach with this.



There is a lot of that on here, but I just glide on by a lot of it, and don't worry about it, unless they have an interesting point I hadn't thought of.

Let us take a moment to revere the pluck, the audacity, the verisilatimitudedness extant here. Amen!

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