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I believe I still have it. Just worked a 15 hr day on a boat for most of it. My coworker, all of 20 something, was sea sick and they were in early.
At 53 I still kick ass. From sun up to sun down.

Akfishlady 8 Sep 19

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You rock!


Not surprised at all. I say this with great affection: you're a tough old broad!


Woot!! You go girl!! Show the youngsters how it is done!


I've been that guy! On a sub once, we were told that we were pulling into shallow water and the sea state wasn't the friendliest, so we were advised to take dramamine. Thought I'd been on enough boats in rough water that I'd be fine. Fortunately, I was able to lie down.?


show'em how to wow!


ia this a newer job?

@Akfishlady off the dock

@Akfishlady glad you got what you wanted after such a long painful time

@Akfishlady ah


Well my friend, you got me pumped up to take on this day with a vengeance !! ????? Thanks !!!!


That is pretty damn awesome!

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