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Work work work. I am on a 12 year plan to live the life I dream. What do you dream?

Chryflvrantacid 4 Jan 26

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I dream of a day when the chicken can cross the road without having his motives questioned.


Generally it involves finally having my GRS..or drinking the Perfect martini..


Smart move.... only you can protect you. I did the same...


I am retired and financially secure. I dream of locking up my house, connect my camper to my pickup and begin a continuous road trip around the country and living as a vagabond gypsy. Also traveling to the southern hemisphere to see the southern night sky.

I’m with this guy


I've lived most of my dreams already. The new dream? You don't want to know.

Sure I do, as long as it doesn't involve anything that might make me a witness in court lol


And I salute you and wish you the best. I don't dream but if I can ever finish a script to one of my stories... I may dream a little... but I can get pretty busy with my creativity that extends from art to music to poetry and dancing... so there is only one me on this retirement of the rat race. Good luck and never give up your dream.


I'm boring. I don't dream about anything. I have what I have and what I want I usually find a way to get. Maybe I need to want harder to obtain things, but I just don't. I have a great job that pays significant money, and I just up and quit it last week to move to Alabama. I have no job at the moment, but I have someone I want to be with who lives in Alabama, so I just decided to go. Everyone keeps telling me I'm crazy, but I figure what's the worst that can happen? She's not who I thought she was and whatever job I get doesn't pay as well. Big deal, so I start all over again someplace different. I'll treat it as another life experience.


nice idea but im reasonably happy and at my age, i live in the now and my dreams are possible but probably fantasy.


To see everyone on a bicycle, and for them to see they are gods.


All ask and no give, You first.

I want a hobbit house on a nice piece of property that has trees and maybe a stream, and a 3 car hobbit garage lol with room for a workshop so I can work on cars or paint or do whatever I want. I also want a great dane.

Now you 🙂


I like to say that I don't chase dreams, I hunt goals. I know that's a bit cliche but it works for me.
Only goal I'm really hunting for is sustained happiness and good health.


Hey man, I hope it works out for you. I think I am too old to have dreams now, life is pretty much under control.

your dreams may be less but we can all have dreams, my friend.

Never too old to dream!

I get what you're saying and when you get a bit older dreams lose their magic. I've dreamed enough, and it's time to stop and if there is something worth dreaming about it's also worth doing something about it. I look at dream like I look at prayer. It's a beautiful thought, but thoughts are just thoughts. If I want anything, I'll do something to make it happen.

@paul1967 @cmadler @LeighShelton You are all correct my friends. When I was young I had dreams, not fantasies, but goals. Some were a little problematic and never eventuated but many were worthy, worthwhile and I really wanted to make them happen. Some took many years to come to fruition and all took at least 3 times the effort than what I assumed. There are some changes I want to see, and I am chipping away at the edges but against great resistance. I want to sit back a bit now and enjoy those dreams that have become real. What I find myself doing now is finding young people who share my ideals and encourage them to make their dreams real. The world is dying, society is collapsing but things are ok for now in my immediate surrounds.

you are right mostly though some dreams can happen in a moment like a lottery win or a glance from the right person etc. if you use up all your dreams what is there to look forward too?

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