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I may not be at all religious but still always do unto others as I would like to be treated. You don't have to believe in God to be a good person!

MStewart 3 Sep 25

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I have always felt that one doesn't need to be religious to have a conscience.


You might be surprised as to the origins of the Golden Rule.


Any god is irrelevant to being good or bad, it's your choice not theirs


some would argue that you just believe in a god to be good. i don't get their argument. let's see: according to them it's better to be good because someone wrote down a bunch of rules for you so you wouldn't have to think for yourself, and if you're very good you get to live forever in a nice place, and if you're not you burn in a very bad place, than to be good because it's the human thing to do. it makes no sense to me!


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