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Oh snap! They went there!

MarvelAnn 8 Sep 25

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I don't take sides, but was it foolish of the women to take so long at coming forward with the shit, or maybe it's just me, or what if a man was to do the same thing at taking so long to come forward. Let's keep it neutral, I've already had to tell someone on here to eat a dick and that was the nicest out of many I could have said. Please think if you have something to say about what I just said, its not illegal yet ?

Qiru Level 6 Sep 26, 2018

@MarvelAnn are you saying that a man couldn't experience that, evidently either you read too fast or didn't read it enough for you to comprehend it. So take the time and go back and read it, but this time understand what I'm saying before you comment. And next time if you decide to use insults, think about what you're saying when it comes to that also.

The fact that you are taking a 'neutral' view of this type of behavior says volumes about your character and integrity. How can you take a 'neutral' view on rape and sexual assault?
As for men who don't come forward until years after the attacks, think Catholic Church!!! I don't recall anyone second guessing their stories!

@MarvelAnn well then, end of discussion. You're just a skeptic and don't know what or how to think.

I hear you. At the age of 7 I was seriously ill and hospitalised. Whilst there for three months I was regularly sexually assaulted by trainee female nurses. I was also mentally traumatised by a female senior nurse and also the death of of young patient taken screaming from her ward that she did not want her thirteenth operation - it killed her.
This is the first or second time that I have publicly admitted this.
Should I commence proceedings against unknown possibly untraceable employees in the health service of another country after sixty years?
Get real.

@FrayedBear that's what I'm talking about. It's the second time i've mentioned it about me also, but some of these women on here think it doesn't happen to men. Why would I lie about being touched by a female cop for no reason. Fuck the police and the stupid bitches that's mindless to the fact that they're not alone in this world of creeps ?

@Qiru If you had the misfortune to have been betrayed by being circumcised at birth it was because at least one of your parents irrevocably assaulted or had you assaulted. One of those parents was a woman.


Where they need to be pudding your ass


Bet he is cursing cause he did not have a legal team like OJ

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