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Main Cause: Asshole-ness




That should be a simple enough explanation, but we all know it isn't for many still...sadly...


Indeed . . . it's certainly not rocket science, is it?


If proven rapists , had their weapons removed , there'd be a lot fewer rapists .

Cast1es Level 8 Sep 26, 2018

not all rapists have weapons, apart from their dicks. that is not to say making weapons harder to get wouldn't be in and of itself a good thing, of course.


All rapists using their dicks to rape , are using their dicks as weapons . If , using the rape kits and DNA samples proves , without a doubt , that he was using his dick to rape others , than removing that particular weapon , will , without question , reduce the number of serial rapists .


Since rape is an act of violence, wouldn't said rapists continue to attack women and violate them in other ways? (this isn't an argument against any form of castration)

@Bierbasstard Yes and no . There are theories that the testosterone itself is behind violence and the need for , "adventure ." That said , castration would reduce the need for violence , remove the weapon of choice , and release the whole body from imprisonment , thereby removing the need for violence , the weapon of choice , and the administrative costs of supporting the human body at public expense , not to mention reducing future rapes , requiring child birth and care expenses , loss of productive work time for the women , and necessiary psychological welfare for the victims of rape and possibly the children whom they may feel they are forced to raise .

Castration is not removal of the penis but of the testicles...chemical castration is similar in that it removes the hormones associated with violent sexual tendencies. The recidivism rate for additional rapes is about the same for men who have and have not been castrated at about 6% for both groups. As a rape survivor, I know first hand that a dick is not necessarily used to commit rape...rape is not about is about violence and abuse. Removing a man's penis will only make a weapon choice potentially a more harmful one, in my opinion. I understand your sentiment and agree with the cost to society and the victims, but I believe the only way to prevent these predators from more harm is permanent incarceration or the death penalty.

@thinktwice Realistically speaking , men are not going to create laws to kill men , for having violent sex . They still think it's a joke . They still do not consider women as being a part of the human race . That , as the saying goes , ain't going to happen .

@Cast1es can see the trend for such lenient sentencing of sexual predators even if proven guilty...I do see some minor progress, though, with more women and men teaching their sons not to be means no...etc. Even minor progress is better than none and our future girls will hopefully benefit from our persistence in keeping the discussion moving forward. Thank you for your thoughtful and intelligent discussion to this issue.

The vast majority of rape kits are never even put into the computer systems , much less compared to others . A lot more cases would be solved and in the end there would be a lot fewer cases , if rape were taken seriously . Today , it takes multiple women coming forward , to convict one man , as we've seen repeatedly , and they would have had to report it at the time and had the rape kits done at the time . This highly invasive and demeaning procedure , on top of having already been raped .

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