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This just crossed my mind is something to think about. The church and clergy had a lot of pull back when the constitution was being constructed. How much did they play in encouraging certain laws and rules? Could this be proven? Would this make the fiber of the constitution illegal by today's definition of church and state?

azzow2 9 Sep 25

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There were several signers of the Constitution who wanted to limit the power of the church. However, all the signers were white, and wealthy. Many were slave owners.


Seems to me , there are an awful lot of us , who were not taken into consideration when the laws were made . Perhaps it's time we simply revolted . For the few to establish the rules we live by , and to jail us if we don't live by the rules these few men made centuries ago , that did not include our input , is unconstitutional . Men alone , should not be deciding what we can and can not do in regards to our reproductive organs . This is a woman's issue , and the laws should be not religious orientated , and should not be created and legalized exclusively by men .

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