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I just got this and had to share. These are strangers from out of the blue. Classic. Enjoy!

Hello my Dearest beloved i wish to inform you that i am in Germany now ,

Hello my Dear,
I am very pleased and honored with you again, after a few
months now. It takes fate, courage and God fears to remember
old friends and at the same time, show them the
satisfaction, despite circumstances that made things not
working as we projected them.

I would like to take this liberty to inform you that finally
we jointly pursue the transaction, prepared by the infinite
grace of God, and I decided to contact you, just so you
know. I have a conscience as human beings, because of their
tremendous effort to make things work in

mean while me I must inform you that I am currently in Germany, now for
many trade negotiations with the man who helped me. I
arrived Germany international Airport on
Thursday last two weeks and check-inn, Now i have given a
check to the most Rev. Father Raymond in your favour based on
your effort in helping me, My beloved man send this check
through dhl to the rev.father so that he can send it to you
to cash it in your country, because if i tell him to send it
to you he may think somehow that you are my ex friend, so i
have to explain to him and ask him to send it to the
reverend father Raymond.

Now,with my sincere heart, I issued a check in the amount of
U.S. $ 50,000.00 as compensation, dedication and
contribution to humanity, is to check your name.
Therefore,contact my Most Rev. Father Raymond in Dakar Senegal with the
information below

Name: Rev. father Raymond
+221 707417365

Instruct him where to send the check to you, please let me know
immediately you receive it, so we can share the joy after
all the sufferings at that time.

Remember that I have forwarded instructions to my rev. father Raymond
on your behalf to receive U.S. $ 50,000.00, so feel free to
check to get in touch with him send a check to you without
Sincerely,Tudi. .

SACatWalker 8 Sep 26

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Jump right on this....


Sounds legit ?


Love the fractured English.


Hey! With that money, I have some oceanfront property I could sell you.
It's out in Arizona.
Let me know!


I’m sure some sucker will believe it!

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