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It's twue, it's twue!


genessa 8 Sep 26

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Exactly what made Obama far more dangerous than Trump though. I hate Trump too but at least you can see eactly who he is. Obama deserves an Oscar! I mean he's got a peace prize AND a kill list in which he uses to assassinate people (including children)! Pres that let the VRA disappear! Habeas Corpus? Posse Comitatus?

Obama did take otu a lot of terrorists and bd guys. However he did so with a lot less loss of life than Bush did, and at far less cost to tax payers. Yes, some children were unintentionally killed, but again far les than happened under Bush. Remember Obama didn't start these wars, Bush did. He fought them much more effectively and efficiently. Unfortunately as long as we are oil dependent we will continue to have troops in the Middle East fighting, because Bush upset the balance, and to just pull out would likely result in genocides.

oh please. obama inherited a couple of wars. kill list? what HAVE you been drinking? he is an honest man. what's dangerous about obama is that he's not still president. even more dangerous: there are people who believe what you believe about him.


@genessa KILL LIST! So, you think a Pres should have the right to go around murdering people without trial? What planet you from?

@genessa What's more dangerous than Obama is the utter ignorance people continue to have about the war crimes our leaders have been committing for decades. and frankly, I don't think people that aren't really paying attention should be espousing for politicians. Unless torture and murder w/o trial and the loss of the voting rights act are just fine by you. But don't tell others a WAR CRIMINAL is an " man" please.

@jniece of course not. but you said he had a kill list. that's bullshit.


@jniece obama is not a war criminal. you're thinking of bush. not only am i paying good attention, i can tell you're not by how you reacted to my question about the kill list. you had no idea what i said. none. you probably still don't. you took my scoffing at the false idea that obama had a kill list as my approval of his having one (which he did not). you do not understand the simplest things but you imply that i am the one who doesn't pay attention. i have no reason to argue anymore with you.


@jniece oops guessed you missed the part where i'm not going to argue with you anymore.


@genessa of course not. because the truth is painful. It devastated me when I discovered it. And we prefer to remain in denial. It kind of absolves us (in our mind anyway) of any responsibility in the problem. But.. If we keep up the left/right blame game we can never unite together to fight the ACTUAL enemy; the establishment. America has been bombing and murdering people who haven't attacked us for decades under both Dem and Rep admins. If it doesn't stop soon we're gonna get nuked and we definitely deserve it because it is OUR job to control our govt and we are failing at that miserably.


LOL!! Sooo funny!


They laughed at the moron in the UN and Sinclair media in my area is not even carrying that story.

Wasnt that a sight? How low we have fallen.

He now claims he meant to get a laugh. Sure he did.?

@Nichole765 I agree fully. Trump now says he put that it there to get laughter but that is not what he said at the UN. He said there that "he did not expect this reaction." He has a giant ego and his remark is what he wants you to believe. I've known a man for over 40 years who made that remark way before Trump went to the UN. Remember that Trump claimed to have the "biggest inauguration crowd ever." It was not true and the pictures were doctored. Why would a man supported by maybe 30% have the biggest anything? Little toad mushroomdick has topped over 6000 lies so far.

sinclair -- big surprise right? fox either, i am told. they edited out the laughter. we're not in a totalitarian state, right? 'sigh


@genessa Maybe close to it. In a loud convo with an old friend about this and he's a Trump supporter. He is so upset that I don't like Trump that he immediately went into the Clintons and Obamas going to be jailed and he says it is going to happen, McCain not being a war hero, Whitewater, Ellen DeGeneres program saying Michele Obama is really a man. Whoopi Goldberg and one other to be fired, (4 times on that one) back to Whitewater again. He thinks he's seeing this all on Facebook and local TV programs. It must be something I am missing. I laughed at the moron and got onto him for changing the subject and I did it every time he changed the subject. Voices got loud and we hung up on each other. Why would I discuss McCain or Whitewater with him now? Trump supporters have no idea what to say. This started when I said Trump got laughed at in the UN and pissed my friend off.

@DenoPenno the brainwashing is intense. we need legitimate deprogrammers to help these people. it's that bad.


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