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Classic Kids in the Hall Chicken Lady
Found one I'd not seen before!

By Qualia8
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Love it!

Charlene Level 9 Sep 27, 2018

I miss this show! Lol

Meeeeee too.
Oh I had the WORST crush on Dave Foley back then. GAH

@Qualia he was HOT!!! Lol

@MichelleGar1 Yes he was! And he's an atheist too IIRC!!! smile015.gif

@Qualia WOW!!!! He just got HOTTER!!!!

@Qualia I also remember Lettuce Head! LMAO!!! That was a hilarious show!

@MichelleGar1 OMG I KNEW I shared it someplace and it was my FIRST share on here~!
<3 Dave Foley and miss Kids in the Hall []

@Qualia LMAO!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

@MichelleGar1 Most welcome! smile001.gif

@Qualia ☺️

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