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Feeling more connected with the people on this site than I do with people I have known most of my life.

By Shelton8
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Welcome to our little dysfunctional family, may you find fun and happiness. Just be yourself.

@Shelton Is the only game in town.


It's hard to form bonds with people who believe in crazy superstitions, and put down the very people who are being rational. I'm not sure if that has been your experience, but it sure has been mine.


Me too. I think it's easier to relate to people who don't judge you as being "evil" or misguided because you don't believe what they believe.

RichardAP Level 4 Jan 28, 2018

isn't that the truth, would like to take most people on this site out for coffee or a beer

michaelj Level 7 Jan 28, 2018

So have I. I’m glad I stumbled across this site.

@Shelton I rarely go onto facebook groups, The only reason I do is to get a feel for what is on peoples minds. To me its kind of a drive by culture. Take a pop shot at something and just keep moving....

@Shelton more real exchange


I agree, I was on MSNBC blogs during the campaign and it was difficult to get a point across. The trolls and nasty ass comments made it a chore. this site is wonderful as it allows us to present a thought and actually have it thought about.

EMC2 Level 8 Jan 28, 2018

I agree. It's so refreshing and liberating to totally be myself.



btroje Level 9 Jan 28, 2018

Agreed. It's a safe place for us.

Tecolote Level 7 Jan 28, 2018

Enjoy mate

Babyseal Level 6 Jan 28, 2018

Me too!

Knitfreak Level 7 Jan 28, 2018

It's good to be allowed to think, Shelton.

To be among people who aren't afraid to ask questions for fear of offending the non-existant.

ToakReon Level 7 Jan 28, 2018

yes, i feel the same. welcome to our new community smile001.gif


This has been a great place with good people, away from all the religious brainwashing


Yes that's a common feeling here smile001.gif me too


@Shelton, I thought you'd like it here. I'm happy you have found the connection so many of us have found. smile001.gif

BeeHappy Level 9 Jan 28, 2018

You're very welcome @Shelton.


Welcome to the site!

kmdskit3 Level 8 Jan 28, 2018

So refreshing when minds meet , isn't it !?

evergreen Level 8 Jan 28, 2018

I will chime in too. Welcome Shelton! I have found this to be a warm, welcoming community where for the most part judgement is withheld and we can discuss everything and anything.


Turning loose of your parent's belief system is a struggle but you can win. I was raised in the Episcopal church and lost interest before I reached my teens. I am surrounded by people that are ardent about their religion, but happy to report, they don't push it on me. If they did, I would walk away.

candace Level 3 Jan 28, 2018

I know the feeling my friend.
Hell, because I am the way that I am and saw past the religious bullshit, I lost just about all of my family. I became the "black sheep" because I refused to buy into their bullshit.
When the last of my immediate family passed away. (My father) Not a single one of those "Holier than thou" assholes even reached out to me. Instead they went to his wife and claimed all of his shit while I was hundreds of miles away. (I live in a different state)
This was 4 years ago and to this day, not a single one of them try to reach out to me.
I find it hilarious more than anything now.

So yeah, sometimes... A lot of times it's easier to connect with people you don't know than it is with people that you've known for most of your life.

NeoXerops Level 6 Jan 28, 2018

I would have to agree.. when religion has alienated some of us from family and so called friends, it is refreshing to have this site where we can share things, hopefully not be judged in the process and also learn a few things as well. What more can you ask for other than maybe, just maybe, meet someone that you can take to the next level if all falls into place.


It is nice having a like minded group.

MikeJ Level 4 Jan 28, 2018

Me too.

LEPeff Level 8 Jan 28, 2018

Greetings Shelton I look forward to your contributions.

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