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I found this image to be a useful explanation for asexuality. It's not exact, but there is a bit of truth to the comparison. I didn't know asexuality was a thing until recently. I thought me being confused by everyone else freaking out in high school was weird. This kinda continued through to my current state. I've had sex. It's ok. I can't imagine wanting it like one wants a carb though. (On the other half of the coin, when i see sexual types express desire, the closest I can liken it to in my head is junk food. Mmmmm. Satisfying carbs.) And I don't have the capacity to make the act better or worse based upon the individual. Like, there isn't some desire based upon how one smells etc. It just isn't there. No human is "pizza" for me. There's nothing wrong with it. It's just not there. I'm likely demi, as I have cared about a person once before in my life once I knew them very, very well. But even with that person, the act was just an act. I've seen some disparaging ideas about asexuality when I searched it, and wanted to try to explain. So, here. Donuts.

Kimberlydale79 5 Sep 29

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That is really very helpful. My oldest daughter tells me she is asexual. She does have a boyfriend. Not sure how that relationship is going to go. Thank you for posting. I appreciate the explanation.


Maybe asexuality was judged morally wrong because reproduction of the species was considered a virtue.


I have learned a lot about asexualism because one of my daughters is asexual. Although she has had boyfriends, they never lasted long.

My daughter is ace as well. She was amazingly fortunate to draw two other aces as room mates freshman year. The gang plans to room together, even after graduation.


That's great!
Except that I'm a demisexual who gets disgusted by hetero sex images, talk, etc. Lesbian sex is "meh" - boring. Like watching people cut up vegetables for lunch.

Gay men sex is "sweet." How romantic. Still no lust.

I have to have associated with someone well over a year before I feel sexual attraction, and then it's only for that person. Everyone else's sexual activity and genitals are disgusting to me. But for that one person I have a libido so strong, I'm like 10 men.

I like fantasy play, costumes, mild S & M, etc. which is too much for the typical cis hetero male, who seems to prefer quick rabbit sex..get it over quickly before she changes her mind.

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