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The future female Catholic Pope should have full sexual freedom.

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zesty 7 Sep 29

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If the church survives.


Who cares let the deluded do what they must, as long as they pay taxes and if they don't shut them down.

Sounds good. However the deluded contaminate the life of our children and grandchildren.

@zesty I work hard to see that they don't.


This has inspired a poll 🙂


A good poll choice would read:
The Catholic Church will die out soon and the position of "Pope" will cease

I thought like that too until Milo explained to me what the Catholic Church brought to the world.

@brentan yes, it would be a real shame if we abolished the oppression of women and gave them the right to choose what to do with their bodies...and that whole fruitful and multiply shit? Well, we only have 7.6 Billion humans on a dying planet. It would be a shame to stop breeding humans at an unsustainable rate....

Milo was more interested in their fashion sense.

@brentan Yes! Fashion is far more important than women's rights or saving the planet! How silly of me to think otherwise.

Come on now - credit where it's due. They put on a really good show.


The Catholic church has repeatedly been shown to be a huge pedophile ring, with officials protecting and enabling sexual predator priests.

The church should be outlawed, disbanded, the church properties sold to compensate their millions of sexual assault victims.


Some black guy will get to be Pope first. Some people will believe he will be some kind of Messiah but he will just turn out like the rest.

A scumbag is a scumbag, no matter the race.


Don't hold your breath! I doubt this will ever's too against the basic patriarchy of the Catholic structure. Imagine women leading the mass? Tainting that sacred altar with menstrual blood? GASP!

More lawsuits against them could help. Simple bankrupt the gangsters!

@zesty A friend is highly positioned in the (non priesthood) Catholic church and was shown some of the treasures in Vatican archives. Even as a dedicated Catholic, he was appalled by the value of these, ivory, manuscripts...all stolen from other cultures and all stashed away from the eyes of the world. We can't EVER bankrupt this organization.

@LucyLoohoo We can try! If not, we need to find other ways of fumigation.

@zesty If you really think about it...that organization has been as corrupt as it's possible to be. Look at the millions of murders, cultural theft, sexual abuse, cruelty, hypocrisy, misogyny and deliberate deception.'s all in Jeebus's name, so, it's ok.


We can hope, but it will never happen in our lifetime, including the tax issue.


Somehow I don't think that will happen anytime soon.

We just need to deny the tax-exempt status. They will have seven female popes in a blink of an eye to get it back! Human-like Vatican scum.

@zesty I agree that they should have to pay their fair share in taxes, especially all those preachers that own private jets. I just don't see the church giving up power and authority to women. They haven't even let women be priests.

@Captain747ex I'm not proposing to wait till they give up power. We take it! We have the pussy, we have the power.

@zesty I would agree that women hold more power because they have a pussy and men think about sex quite often. It may be a rather large significant contributing factor as to why some men feel the need, whether consciously or subconsciously, to control and put down women. However, what would be the reason behind actively taking power from the church? What would be the objective? I think it would a better option to turn your backs on the church and watch the church whither away.

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