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Get involved in your community and your world will expand.

Jolanta 8 Sep 29

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Congratulations ...we are there with you.lets build a new humanist world together.


In a predominately religious community, that would cause me loads of stress and might even be dangerous.

What to help people, dangerous?


That sounds terrible.


You're right.

Since 2006, I have been a volunteer college mentor at Wenatchee High School. I help low income, first generation students write essays for college and scholarship applications. I also teach them organization and the importance of completing deadlines early.

They are the first person in their family to go to college. This year, the girl I am mentoring is homeless.

One of my best success stories is Brenda, who won 269,544 in scholarships in 2016. A sophomore at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, Brenda plans to become a medical doctor and pathologist. She wants to cure diseases.

In June 2018, I took three young women I previously mentored on a short hike around Icicle Gorge, WA.

I'm a rockstar! In May 2018, I won the first Scholarship Rockstar award from the Wenatchee High School College Mentor program. I'm second from the left, with other volunteer mentors who won awards.

I think I will look into something similar.


Excellent. These are remarkable young people with big dreams.

"I want to tell you how much you mean to me, and the huge difference you made in my life," Brenda (third from left) said, falling into step with me on the Icicle Gorge hike. "My parents and I didn't know anything about applying for college and scholarships. I wouldn't have be able to go the college without your help."

Recently Brenda graduated from expensive Gonzaga University debt-free. Renewable scholarships, financial aid and work study paid for her bachelor degree. Brenda plans to become a pediatrician.

While in college, Brenda mentored and tutored minority elementary school children for two years.

Brenda is taking a year off before applying for medical school. Last August, she went to rural Oregon to volunteer. With Jesuit volunteers, Brenda is helping poor hospice patients and their families.


Any more positive ideas like that and I'm going to report you!

Spoilt sport, you are just jealous because you did not think of it first.


And you'll live longer, be happier and you'll find the deep pleasure which comes from helping people!

And you mainly have helped yourself.

@Jolanta I volunteer everywhere....and I tell people it's because I'm selfish. It feels good.

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