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Kavanaugh vocabulary, starting with boofing, and no, this is not a humorous take on stuff he said; it's an actual explanation of the real definitions of words he tried to redefine to make himself seem innocent.


genessa 8 Sep 29

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Thank you for this post. I wasn't familiar with these terms. It was three 'F's' when l was younger. Fingering has been added since my youth.


I knew some of these, not surprised the Republicans ignored it.


I think you have done a good job here and if Kavanaugh's GOP buddies do know know this it would surprise me. I think they are just keeping quiet about it. FFFF was known when I was in high school or even before. I was unaware of "boofing" as a term but the practice is to get you drunk quicker as the alcohol is quickly absorbed.

thanks but i cannot take credit for it. i found the meme on facebook. it was news to me. it is disgusting, is it not? i don't mean the vocabulary, which is bad enough. i mean the lying about it, as if no one would ever figure it out, is disgusting. it's arrogant!


@genessa I agree but the GOP is determined and will not believe it or look back at it as real. I remember a drinking game called "Quarters" designed to get people naked and especially women. There is no way that was ever called the Devil's Triangle. If Kavanope said that he was likely trying to show that his ignorance proves his innocence.

@DenoPenno i am not even sure he was sober for the hearing. maybe he wanted us to know or think he was drunk. is that proof of innocence? maybe he thinks so!



Thanks for the clarification, I would not have known otherwise. And they him get away with his redefining. Boys Club.


In Kavanaugh's case, "when two guys sexually assault a woman" might be a closer meaning.

Some recent and mostly humorous additions to Urban Dictionary have been made for this.

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