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PLEASE tell me this is not common among things parents subject their children to. Good f-cking grief.

orange_girl 8 Sep 30

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Reminds me of Purity Balls, which I find a bit disturbing. []

Yes! That’s an excellent connection!

I find Purity Balls WAY past disturbing. Teenage girls wearing white dresses and getting a ring from Daddy to wear on the third finger of their left hands until he gives them (the girls) away to another man???? Middle ages redux!!!


There are still some f'ed up people out there. Maybe not at that extreme, but I have witnessed parents getting involved in their kids' lives. When I taught, a man, Spanish teacher and father to high school age son, worked in conjunction with a woman, a counselor (yes, sounds like out of a soap opera) with a high school daughter to manipulate their kids who had recent broken up as boy/girl friend and worked to get the two back together again. Of course, in time, they finally spiltvup for good.


No, that is not normal!


No that’s definitely weird


sorry but that is not what all or even most straight people say. all the straight people i know say be who you are, and teach kids to accept people for who they are. being straight doesn't automatically make someone an asshole.


Oh, I don’t think this is the norm at all. I just didn’t know it was “a thing.”

@orange_girl it might or might not even be a thing. it might just be what some small group of people are doing.


@genessa I think it probably is a small group and I find it highly problematic.


This ... this ... this is why the aliens don't contact us.


Not a clue. . .

Rather doubt this is a norm . . .

looks more like a parent's photo shoot to try to show how cute their kids are.


I bet the same people who do this are the ones who put their kids in those beauty pageants. Terrible.

MarcT Level 7 Sep 30, 2018
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