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For some reason I get draw up in these debates over whether or not Jesus was gay. I’ve spent a lot of time studying Jesus, and, as a gay man, I don’t think he was.

First of all, he only had one pair of shoes. And no one in his entourage traveled with luggage. And if Jesus were gay he would have had separate outfits for his Sermon on the Mount, for the Cleansing of the Temple, and for the Last Supper. And when he rode into Jerusalem for the triumphal entry, if he were gay, there would have been two donkeys: one for him, and one for his makeup kit.

If you're a gay messiah, making your way to your last supper, you had better look "Fabulous."

Benthoven 8 Oct 1

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Excellent points, all....on the other hand, 12 men traveling, sleeping, eating together 24/7......


I'm sure he wasn't gay too. Leading his group of thirteen men who did weird shit, it's pretty clear he was a witch running a coven.


Good points, besides he was spirited off of the cross and lived happily ever after in France with Mary and the kids.

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