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I like to sleep in the buff. I enjoy the feeling of freedom and always have. I remember seeing a poll that said 30% of the general population do also. I'm curious what percentage of Free Thinkers and Agnostics in general think?

rogueflyer 8 Oct 1

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you will not learn here what percentage of free thinkers and agnostics in general think about sleeping raw. at best you will learn here what percentage of free thinkers and agnostics who have discovered this site and also happen to be interested in your question claim to think about it. i myself sleep in my birthday suit. i can only speak for myself, though.



I sleep naked only in the summer.

With the insulating capacity of a grasshopper, I snuggle under a down comforter in the winter in cotton pajamas.

Not sure about PJs but sometimes the temperature calls for a long sleeved T-shirt and boxers. You know those nights when the dog wants to go out. Maybe it's because I don't own any PJs.


I did it sometimes when I was younger and would probably still do it in the summer if I didn't have central air conditioning.

I try not to use A/C. But then I mostly live in a temperate climate.


I use to destroy PJ's in my sleep so I switched to underwear and a t-shirt. Then one hot summer I started sleeping in the buff and that was 10 yrs ago and I still do. I'm single so it's just me.

Aaah, the feeling of freedom!


<hand raised>


Totally agree. I move around too much and would probably strangle myself

Yes, on those times I can't sleep ah natural my boys seem to get all twisted up in my boxers.


I sleep better that way, in the winter with a nice feather tick.

Absolutely, lightweight, soft, sleep like a baby.


There aren't enough night clothes in the work to make me feel comfy.

As they say "to each his own".


I prefer to but wear as little as possible

Got to be warm in Houston. When it's cold you can spoon.


I do too but weather doesn't permit it.

Never been to Ireland but I imagine it's chilly.

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