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I have returned after a long(ish) hiatus from this site and so happy to see there is an app now!

I wasn’t dating or anything but I’m moving back to San Diego soon and hope to meet IRL like minded people. I hope everyone is having a great Monday!

SarahSiddons 6 Oct 1

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Welcome back. I hope it was a return for the right reasons. San Diego is expensive to live in.


Good to see you back. ?


Backsliders are always welcome. No questions asked.

It's not like I was out there converting to Christianity

@SarahSiddons ...I should hope not. You're much more needed here!!


Welcome back



Qiru Level 6 Oct 2, 2018

Love it, never watched it but...


Jealous, you have dispensaries...?



Welcome back! A great evening to you!


Ahh,San Diego,my home until 15 years ago when my late wife and I moved to Springfield Mo. My last good job was working at the now long gone General Dynamics/Convair next to the airport at Lindbergh Field. A series of temp jobs followed,nothing to write about,though,after the layoff's.

I used to live in Springfield! I worked for an ophthalmology practice in south National right across from Cox. I don't miss living there but you can't beat it for fall colors! ??????

@SarahSiddons I've been here now 15 years(my how time flies),lost my late wife to lung cancer last Sept. But life goes on, San Diego is missed by ,but not the high cost of living there.We met and married there,living in El Cajon until Kathy's(my late wife) retirement.Where are you going to live?

@Mike1947 I'm going to be staying with my sister in San Marcos for about a month initially. I'll rely on public transit so I am not positive which neighborhood is going to be the most convenient and affordable to a job in La Jolla. I used to live in Hillcrest and loved it. I'd like to be back in that area Mission Hills/Bankers Hill/Little Italy. We shall see!

@SarahSiddons Yes,it's a great area,India street intersecting Washington street was the route I took when working at GD/C until a layoff in 1993 for me. Lots of growth in San Diego,I use Google Earth to visit old areas I used to travel.


Welcome back, Sarah.


Good luck with your goals and welcome back to the community.


@SarahSiddons Your welcome


Good luck with the move...hope it all goes smooth.

Moving is easy when you have next to nothing🙂


Welcome back. I had wondered what happened to you.

It’s been an interesting 10 months, but leading me back to where I wanna be!

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