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With all the craziness that is floating around in the world, what are your thoughts that some scientists are saying that we are nothing more than a simulation? A matrix of sorts that what we percieved as real is nothing more than a computer program. Please keep comments constructive and polite. Thanks

Ceaselessmind 7 Oct 2

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Who, funded by.....?
Just silly!


which scientists, exactly, are saying this?



"are nothing more". I am unaware of any scientists saying "are".

the hologram models and simulation models are just possible models, not claims of truth.

as for my opinion, until someone explains why it would matter, I simply don't care.


As I understand it, at the very smallest levels of particle physics, it has yet to be determined if reality is analog or digital. If it's analog, it can't be a simulation. If digital, maybe. Idk, from an individual perspective, seems pretty moot.

Can you be so sure that 4th and 5th dimensions, or further understand of gravity and time, won't allow them to be analog and still some type of simulation. Been a while since I've read any papers on real RNGs or bio-computing, but not so sure analog sim is impossible once you start looking at things at this level. There's still a LOT of shit we don't understand...

@jondspen The book that made that observation, "The Big Picture," was written by someone much smarter and better informed than me on the topic. Until someone just as smart as him comes up with a counterargument, works for me.


There’s something more than that simulation, something behind it that makes it work. You can’t simulate conscious awareness in any event.


If this is the matrix, then I want a refund. The server is overloaded, the factions aren’t balanced and the play time is too short.

My account's been hacked twice, and they keep nerfing my class. Oh, and the lag has really gotten bad since they migrated all the people from the Mexican server to the US. That's where the illegal aliens come from...(pssst, they're real aliens).


It's been theorized,our universe is a bad Science project in an Aliens World, that got a F minus,up on a shelf,neglected and forgotten.....

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