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So, someone sent (suspected) ricin to 45. While I appreciate the motivation, the execution was horrible.

KKGator 9 Oct 2

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Don't make a martyr of him, he will haunt us forever.

Gert Level 7 Nov 2, 2018

Not good

Epic fail. None of the letters reached their intended targets, and were all caught in off-site mail facilities. Damned amateurs.


Try harder!


Will have to look it up. What news agency dose not have for entertainment purposes only in the small print?

It was all over everywhere. I do not ever get information from Faux.
I try to stay with neutral sources.

@KKGator I rarely listen any thing but NPR report once a day on my Amazon Echo had not heard anything early in the morning. Living out here 80 miles from nowhere is getting more advantageous everyday.

@azzow2 And I'm a total news junkie.

@KKGator I just got so tired of the exaggeration I had listened to the news every day for 3 or so years waiting on pins and needles and never once heard a accurate story so I started to read the disclosure. Every news agency has a for entertainment only clause.

@azzow2 wait, you’re joking, right? Please tell me you’re kidding.

@A2Jennifer Not about this


Melania seems to have an alibi.

They would have been sent before she left the country. ?


More distractions. He probably sent it himself. He can rile up his base, ' see, they're trying to kill me now '. Let's wait for it, any body want to bet?

Oh I could so see him doing this. This is an idea right out of their playbook.

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