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Guilty as charged.

Nichole765 7 Oct 3

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I dun geddit. They try that and... your head gets bigger? Your body shrinks?

CARICATURE. Look at the expression on her face.


Day Tripper, yeah.


To protect yourself, best to look on flirting as you would look on provocative clothing - legally, it can't be viewed as a come-on.


Why would someone do that?
It's not polite to mislead someone as to your intentions and interest level.

Bc flirting/sexting is sometimes ONLY that. To expect more is just foolish and will lead to disappointment.

@Nichole765 So purposefully leading someone on is morally and ethically correct? Wouldn't it be more honest to tell them upfront that you have no intention of ever meeting?
Also, what a waste of time....I mean, what's the point of this charade? Wouldn't it be better to spend your time doing something more productive?

@SkotlandSkye different strokes, different folks. Literally.
I prefer sexting over porn.

@Nichole765 My point is...if someone is trying to set up a time and place to meet, then you haven't been honest in your intentions and that is not fair to the other person. Being deceitful for fun is not a good past-time. However, if you both mutually agree that your text exchanges are not going to go anywhere else, then that would be fine. The lies and fake stuff are why people have such a hard time dating and trusting people.

@SkotlandSkye I'm with Nichole on this. I've had a couple of experiences sexting with women I've never actually met. They were fun for what they were. Not as good as actually touching but you're still having an encounter with another human being which is far better than just watching porn or having no interaction at all.

@SkotlandSkye no. Sexting never implies there is a plan to meet. Likely it's someone you won't even be long-term friends with. It's just a momentary exchange with someone you are intrigued by.
If I want more, or I know there's plenty of common ground for more than just flirting, then that requires more energy and effort.
Huge difference.
I have two guys I click with but our lives are based mainly in a sext connection. Over time, we found a friendship, a mutual respect, but it will never be a relationship.

@Nichole765, @Sgt_Spanky But that is NOT what the meme implies. The meme implies that the ground rules were not mutually established at that there was an element of deceit involved. IF there were ground rules and truth, then the other party wouldn't be trying to set up a real date/meeting.

@SkotlandSkye Point taken.

@Nichole765 I agree. I have been flirting with a girl in a class. We've been set up by a mutual friend for harmless flirting. We know we aren't for each other. She smokes, and I'm far too old, probably even for her mum. Plus my daughter wouldn't happy with having a new mum a couple of years younger than her. It's just fun. Plus it is helping to build up my confidence with flirting. Having said that, if she didn't smoke, I was three decades younger and slimmer.....


Probably won't happen. Today everybody texts even if they are in the same room.

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