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If I worked in a restaurant I'd put an engagement ring in every girls drink

steve148 7 Oct 3

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The Moonstoned can help with that!


"A near riot was averted today, at a popular eating spot,seems someone unnamed was putting engagement rings in Womens drinks,unbeknown to the Man with her"........


I'm not sure who to feel worse for. The one getting the ring or the one freaking out because they didn't give it?

It would be fun to watch lol


lol....that would be funny to watch


Why ?

To see the reactions. An interesting experiment.

Men have been known do this when proposing to propose.

I always wondered how many rings were accidentally swalllowed or how often the heimlich maneuver was needed. Lol!

@steve148 alrighty then ...

@Bierbasstard Yes - I was aware of that, but here we're talkin' random women - unknown.
Whatever ...


Oops, just caught the "every girl's" part. Only do when they look like a couple.

@Bierbasstard Ya,hand holding,meaningful looks,talking about a future together,etc...

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