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Hey guys, we all are from different place. Of course the number of Americans will be more. But still, everyone can share info about the place you reside and the place you belong to if they are not the same. Like the name, which state or province, country. What's so interesting about the place? What's the language or dialect used? What's the staple food of the location? Negatives about the place. People. Some fun fact about the place. In short whatever you can share. So to begin with I will share about the place I reside and then about my hometown.

I am presently residing in a place called Ernakulam. It is a district in Kerala, a southern state of the Republic of India. Area-wise, its a small state but with a population of over 35-40 million people. The district is known as the financial capital of Kerala. Its also the head quarter for the Southern Naval Command of Indian Navy. We also call it as the queen of Arabian Sea. It is called so because it has been the centre of trade. Its the hub of spices of the world from 14 century itself. In fact, there is a place nearby this, which had trade relations with Romans 2000 years ago. There are mention of this in the writings of Pliny. The language used in this part of the world is Malayalam. In this district itself, there are different accents of the same language. It's a major tourist hub too. The staple food is boiled rice, tapioca, fish, beef. There are multiple breakfast items in whole of Kerala. That I will share some other time. The population here is a mix of Hindus, Christians of various sects, Muslims of various sects. It was also once a hub for buddhist and Jain religion which now is almost non existent. Climate wise it's tropical area with back waters. The tree which is most common in Kerala state is coconut tree. In fact we use almost everything of the coconut tree for one or other purpose, like wood for furniture, the husk of the coconut for the coir, coconut oil is our staple oil. We use grated coconut in almost every food item. The leaves were once used in the thatched roof. Now concrete has taken over.

My hometown is some 200 kms from where I stay. It is called Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum. It is the state capital of Kerala. It was the hub of erstwhile travancore Kingdom during the British rule. It is also the Headquarters of Southern Air Command of Indian Airforce. The language here also is Malayalam but the accent is totally different. We can even say it's a different dialect altogether. The staple food is same. The demographic mix has more of Hindus than the rest of the religions. Other religion existing are Christians and Islam. It's a major tourist place too. It's also called city of seven hills. Ofcourse Rome alone is not known as the city of seven hills. It's also the place of richest Hindu temple in the world. In the temple there are two cellars. One of the cellar was recently opened and accounted for. It is claimed that it had gold worth usd 17 billion. The second cellar yet not opened. It is also one of the centre of Indian Space Research Organisation. So, many of the space rockets that India had made was built here.

Apart from this, Kerala as a whole has many USPs. It's a state with highest Human development Index in the country. In fact the HDI of kerala is comparable to European as well as American HDI. It's a state with 100 percent literacy. It's a state with highest life expectancy of 74 when national level is 67. It has infant mortality rate of less than 10 which again is comparable to the developed countries. It also have 100 percent hospital child birth. It's population growth rate is lowest in India and in coming years its expected it will reach zero growth rate.

Sorry for being so long.. There's much more to share. Some other time

By Srijith7
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I live near the middle of the US of A. Omaha, Nebraska. We have almost no accent, or a "Walter Cronkite" accent, we are a hegemony of various accents and cultures. Largely settled by immigrant farmers, Nebraska is highly conservative once you get out of the wicked cities. I grew up in the state, then left for almost 30 years. Moved back in 2005. The summers are hot, the winters are cold. My kids decided to stay here when they grew up, and therefore I will stay here.

Its always nice to stay with your family.


I have lived in Las Vegas for almost 14 years. I moved here from a small college town in Indiana. My hometown has pretty much died. If you don't work the hospital, college or university, you're probably unemployed, underemployed, on government assistance or any combination. I love Las Vegas and the people are generally great; however, there is either a catholic or LDS church on practically every other street corner.

PhoebeCat Level 7 Jan 29, 2018

Thanks for letting us know..


I'm from Boston Mass U.S.A..our English dialect is Bostonian..famous for replacing an R with H..for example Car is pronounced Cah..also the words Wicked, Pissah, Friggin and Fuck are used example That's a "Wicked Fuckin Pissah caH, but weaH ya gonna paHk it?"
Also the American Revolution stahted have heardah Paul Reveah? They named a town after him, it has a fuckin pissah beach.Boston is famous as well for it sea foods like lobstah, claam chowdah and scallops..which are all wicked good bub..
Boston also is known for a Molasses explosion at the beginnin of the 20th century..a 10'wall of Molasses thundered through the fuckin streets killin 20 pooah bastahds.
Then there's the Mafia and the Irish gangsters..most notably Whitey Bulgah, he escaped FBI captcah for 20 friggin years..they also made a movie about him..a fuckin wicked good movie, everybudy says it was pissah..his brothah was president of the friggin State Senate go friggin figah, right?

Charlene Level 9 Jan 29, 2018

Boston tea pahty...yeah...

@witchymom how long did you vist?..I was an art student at the college in Salem, it's a lovely town. Halloween there is a blast!

Glad you both enjoyed your visit..did you have Lobstah?

Lol..of course you

It's Pizzaria Regina andthe damn lines are even longer. Ok, you either played at the Brendan Behan (95% sure) or the St.James Gate (now closed)..I hung out at both in the 80's & 90's..the Behans is in the Hyde Sq. part of J.P and still open, the Gate was a South st pub..

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