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Anyone here into backpacking/hiking?

Matty_Wander 4 Jan 29

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I’m a Land and construction surveyor, I go hiking every day. Other than that, yeah get outside and see what’s there.


Like it so much I got a job with parks and rec.

Nice! Sounds perfect!


Yes! The mountains, fast water and broad views are so comforting - reminds me of the vastness of everything around me. It's more fun with a hot hiking companion! Though I do enjoy the group meetups around this area.

Of course! An attractive companion makes it a whole lot different haha


Used to LOVE it, rain or shine. Several years ago.

Then I went out with my ex-gf, who had extremity-circulation issues. And then met and married my now spouse, who has foot surgery messing up one of her feet. Most important: time alone, or for activities of unique interest to me, disappears in relationships, for me anyway.

Yet still wear only hiking pants and underwear (wicking synthetics for the inner layer, and on the outer pants, zipping off at the knee and also lots of pockets; no, lovely spouse, they are NOT "cargo pants" ).


I am a camper and enjoy hiking the trails where I am camped, but at my age I am very limited to my activities. When I was younger I did backpacking, white water rafting, canoeing, Mtn climbing (via trails).


I used to quite a bit, but I only get out every once in a while now.



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