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Is any one seeing signs of being hacked in the big Facebook debacle?

IAJO163 8 Oct 6

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no. i get private messages all the time warning me about it and they all say "forward this to all your contacts," which is the sure sign of a scam.

some of my friends have had their pages cloned, to be sure. it's easy enough to detect and report.

as for hacking, i see very little of that, once in a blue moon, really. everyone is terrified of it, but it isn't as common as it is purported to be.


They had a story on the national front about a major hack of Facebook's accounts. They said that 50 million were or could be compromised. Not a personal hack. Although I must say that people are telling me that they are getting friend requests from me that I didn't send and I tell them to ignore them.

@IAJO163 you will note that the people telling you that are all using the same words. they're forwarding a hoax message that doesn't even apply to them. []


@genessa I get that. I'm referring to a different story. Not the hoax. That showed up after I made my post. I'm saying that Facebook got hacked.

@IAJO163 of course it gets hacked. everything gets hacked. but i have a LOT of facebook friends, hundreds, and when they get hacked, they post that, and i am not seeing any more signs of it than i ever did. no more, no fewer. it's just as it was as far as i can tell. so if anyone wants to avoid being hacked or thinks they have been hacked, they can report it to facebook, they should change their passwords for sure, but living in fear is kind of useless!



Many of my FB friends have fallen for the hoax regarding their FB pages being hacked or cloned. Here's an article that describes this latest fake message that is going viral on messenger.


This wasn't what I was referring to. The story I'm talking about made national news. It's not about cloning but about someone hacking Facebook and getting our info.



Since this site went up, I hardly spend any time on Facebook any more.


What I am seeing the most is Facebook itself posting too many contradictory things while trying to continue getting our information. For me and my contacts on the site it has limited our actions rather than made them better. One ignorant person I know claims that the Clinton's and Obama's are all going to be locked up in prison just because Donnie wants it that way. He is so stupid that he even told me personally that he will be around to say "I told you so" when it happens. Maybe this man needs to learn how to read. Maybe Facebook needs to learn what to post in order to attract you. I'm not wanting them to turn into Alex Jones or other "fake news." I'm not sure what any of this has to do with us being hacked or not. That chance is about the same.

I was on my page when I got a request to sign in while I was already signed in. Strange, eh?

@IAJO163 I know what you mean. I click around in there and go from page to page. Sometimes it asks me if I want to leave the page. Other times not. Recently FB told me a certain person was my new friend to later tell me that we are not connected. How and why are we connected if we are not? Facebook has a marketing job of "mining for our information." It seems very often that FB is feeding us false information in order to complete this task and it is not getting better but actually is getting worse.

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