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This is by far the scariest thing. And we may never recover from it.


GreatNani 8 Oct 8

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You post the most interesting articles.


Yeah... I read this article when it came out... A grim picture for sure. Unfortunately, it will take a great bottleneck for the Earth to cleanse itself. A huge asteroid or something of the like. Once we, as a species, are knocked back by 80%-90%... The Earth will start to heal.


Agreed ... we are not likely to recover from this during the coming century. The odds would seem to be against us. Our children, their children and their children's children will inherit our lapses in judgment. In a fateful twist of irony, as the technology of the 'dominant' culture threatens our continent (and planet), we are reminded of the ethic espoused by the indigenous peoples in North America who asserted that the present generation were the stewards of the natural world that their grandchildren would inherit. Our stewardship is demonstrably lacking!


I tend to think of it as those who think that infinite growth can happen on a finite planet.


Very scary, especially considering the fact that we are completely ignoring the problem!


Ugh. Yeah. I am reading the Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi. It's supposed to be science fiction, but reads like a prediction..... depressing.


Yeah, it's crazy.

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