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Afore I saddle up an' ride off into the night,
I thought I'd post a poem for your post mortem delight.

Reincarnation: The Cowboy's Poem by Gail Irwin

"What is reincarnation?" A cowboy asked his friend.

"It starts," his old pal told him, "when your life comes to and end.

They comb your hair and wash your neck and clean your finger nails, and put you in a padded box away from life's travails.

Now the box and you goes into the hole that's been dug into the ground. Reincarnation starts in when your planted 'neath that mound.

Them clods melt down just like the box and you who is inside,
and that's when you begin, your transformation ride.

And in a while the grass will grow upon your rendered mound,
till someday upon that spot a lonely flower's found.

And then a horse may wander by and graze upon that flower,
that once was you and has now become your vegetated bower.

Now the flower, the horse done eat, along with his other feed,
makes bone and fat and muscle sinew, full essential to the steed.

But there's a part that he can't use, so it just passes through.

And there it lies upon the ground, this thing that once was you.

And if per chance I should pass by and see this on the ground,
I'll stop a while and ponder this object that I've found.

I'll think about reincarnation and life and death and such,
and I'll come away concluding....

" ain't changed that much".

evidentialist 8 Jan 31

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Man, I love that!


Always loved the Prairie Humor of the Cowboy. So much more grounded than the city slicker holding on to a cup of tea.


And another from Ted Egan recording the death of an underwater cowboy off N.W.Australia is his haunting Sayonara Nakamura:

And all so a motherfucker can buy pearls for his queen to wear in the next xmas party.


@evidentialist An Australian equivalent written and sung by Ted Egan. A word of explanation a "gin" is a non PC word for an Australian aboriginal woman.

The simple life. Love it. No 401k , no greed.


Man, I love that!


Thanks for sharing! More poetry from agnostics!!! Ha! I will contribute one soon.



Betty Level 7 Jan 31, 2018

Worms are the emperor of all diets. We fatten up all creatures to feed ourselves, and we fatten ourselves for the worms to eat when we’re dead. A fat king and a skinny beggar are just two dishes at the same meal. A man can fish with the worm that ate a king, and then eat the fish he catches with that worm, just to demonstrate that a king can move through the bowels of a beggar. Hamlet

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