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Have had my first encounter with a rather rude person on this site. I am a greeter so predetermined message I have had for some time pops up to new members. This person starts out " are you retarted?" Can't say that would be the first thing I said to someone messaging.

azzow2 9 Oct 13

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you know, i had a weird experience as a greeter too. most people just say thanks, or make a short goal statement, but one person thanked me and then went on to ask me what i was up to that evening. well okay, not weird per se, so i said i was making dinner for my guy (hint hint right?) and some other stuff i was doing. his response was to ask me to tell me everything about myself -- my likes, my hates, etc. i told him i wasn't going to make a list, to look at my profile and read my posts and he would learn about me soon enough. i may have mentioned again that i have a guy. i forget where it went from there but not a good place; he was still trying to pick me up. my profile clearly says i am taken and i'd told him outright twice i had a guy. so i told him off, rather, pointing all this out, and what does he respond? that he wants to be my very close friend. at this point i told him he had better leave me alone or i would report and block him. fortunately he backed off then and i have not heard from him. but there are some people out there who are not right in the head! mine was likely a scammer. yours just sounds like an idiot, and an ill-natured one at that.


I saw that. He was rude to me too. I think maybe it was an intentional plea to get more points or for attention. I have encountered a lot of hostility on here recently. It isn't good.


But you would have to been tarted once already for that to be true.

Like retired first, you have been tired.


Flag immediately.


Copy the greeting and his name and response on a post. Let everyone in on this and see what happens ?

That's against the rules.

Who said so ?

@VAL3941 admin. U are to report it to the site but not single people out on the forums. Been through it already a couple times myself with people singling me out because they couldn't defend a position and got butthurt.

Think they miss understood the process. They did not redact but then understood.

@jorj, @azzow2
I never had any problems with it ?


Welcome to the site--sadly it won't be the last time here. Like the people below blaming YOU, just typical here. You'll kinda get used to it.

lerlo Level 8 Oct 14, 2018

Did you attack their "retarted" spelling? And if not, why not?!

Read the profile no age they claimed to be a Grad student figured macho attitude l left him slide will watch how he acts in the future.

@azzow2 bah humbug! Shame them early & often, especially this one, replying to a "greeter message" like that!


What was the issue in the first place. Did you offend the person?

They did not understand about greeters. I just looked in my in box and that statement I had with quotes around it was the first words. To me.

greeters have a standard greeting they have written which i assume administrators vet before sending out. it's the same greeting to everyone. but even "hello how are you" can be offensive if someone is pugnacious enough. i am very sure the greeting was not offensive; admin wouldn't allow an offensive one to go out. we greeters don't even send them; admin sends them. we just write our own.


@genessa Welcome to the realm of the realistic mine says.

@genessa So what did you say?

@Jolanta what do you mean what did i say?


@genessa How did you actually great this person. Word for word.

@Jolanta "Hello there. welcome to this is a place to communicat​e with others who are somewhere on the scale of the labels you looked at when you joined -- agnostic, atheist, all that, but mostly atheists and agnostics. you don't have to talk exclusivel​y about religion, though. there are many categories​, including a general one for stuff that doesn't fit into any category. snoop around, have fun, find out what you like, and feel free to ask me questions if you have them. i'll do my best to answer!


i am sure azzow2's greeting was just as generic and inoffensive. i don't think our messages would have been accepted by admin otherwise. i do not think it is a matter of either us having said anytihng offensive. some people are just nasty. you can say "hello" and they will be rude back to you.


@genessa Thank you for that. Perhaps that person who you greeted has mental issues.

@Jolanta i don't think that's the problem. i think my respondent is an actual scammer. i think azzow2's respondent may have mental issues.


@genessa You are probably right.


If someone is being rude with you, I would run it past Admin if you are a greeter. There is no reason why someone should say something like that to anyone, greeter or not. Sounds like it could be a troll and there is a group on here to report to others and see if anyone else had any negative encounters with them as well.


thankfully I don't think that person will be here for long.


i wonder if this is the same person who spent some of his apparently unlimited energy and very limited intellect calling me, among other things, the c word, under the mistaken impression (which i tried to correct) that i was a muslim woman wearing a hijab (he was wrong on two out of three counts -- i'm a woman), and under the mistaken impression, which i didn't bother trying to correct because he was obviously too stupid, that there is something wrong with being a muslim woman wearing a hijab.


I would have been insulted for you had I know there just is no place for prejudice on any basis.

@azzow2 nor unearned name-calling (i don't mind calling people idiots when they act like idiots, but i don't do it on the basis of disagreeing with their statement -- unless they're offensive; if someone calls me the c-word i feel i have earned the right to call that person an idiot).


@genessa You are correct with that. When someone causes you animosity normal reaction is to counter attact. I do not blame you one bit.

@azzow2 i try to keep it clean but some folks just don't respond to that lol



I vote public humiliation of the highest order. Guess that wouldn't be nice though.

Nice, get what you deserve, and hopefully quickly! (Now, on to the voting booths!)

I vote flag and report it to site support.

@CaroleKay also public humiliation.

@OpposingOpposum OK, I'm down Lol! I'm easy. 😀

@CaroleKay I think she actually got herself removed.

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