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The intolerance of the left.
I have seen many many posts on here about how intolerant the left is of other viewpoints. I want to clarify a few things. I think that being discriminated against for accidents of birth is awful. That would be, race, sex, sexual orientation,place of birth or how much money the family you're born into has. There is overwhelming evidence that the discrimination faced by these folks is significant and leads to lives that are much more difficult. Numbers don't lie but people do. I am perfectly fine with "discrimination" against folks who claim that the effects of discrimination are proof of "insert group"s inferiority. If you're over 30, you've been exposed to information that your views are factually and morally wrong but chose to cling to them. THAT makes you a trash human being and no I don't want to debate you or "listen to your viewpoint". Bigotry and blind bias are not valid life choices. I for one am entirely over being told that I must tolerate bigots and idiots in order to be "fair". Fuck your "fairness" the world desperately needs to move past those kinds of views. Conservatives/neonazis deserve to be left in the history books. Those ideologies have proven damaging and toxic to humanity at large.

By OpposingOpposum9
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Please get real.

Marine Level 8 Oct 17, 2018

Well said. If you’re on the side of fighting for basic human rights for everyone. You’re on the right side of history. I do see another civil war coming in this country. Maybe not in the very near future. But I’m going to say within the next 20 years.

Neeooo420 Level 4 Oct 15, 2018

I don't like the left or right...depending on.the day i dislike one more than the other...usually dislike the left more . I can't stand most all of conservative ideology ,but at least they stick by their bullshit usually,left pretended they were going to end the wars ...

Instead literal slavery came back to Libya ...Obama murdered two children ,a 17yo American girl and 16 yo American boy by signing paperwork to drone strike them...and he still got re-elected...also they had/have soldiers protecting pedophiles ,probably still do.,it's not a war crime to rape children if it's "cultural"(whatever that means ,"whenever and wherever" they choose it "cultural" , )

the right the left pretty much the same but for some issues that are pretty major.

Like abortion ,which is not only about a woman's body ,but her mind too ,her very life ...with which she needs complete autonomy to make whatever choice is best for her ,because whatever is best for her is for the best for society

Forcing a woman to have children is insane on so.many levels

Conservatives want to think forcing a good for society's welfare

But how is it good if everyone is in misery ,if families are poor in.wealth ,education or health .mentally or physically...

Making good decisions about the future is imperative for better outcomes

the best person to.make a decision like that is the person carrying the life ,she knows her body ,her mind ...

Conservatives want less abortion,make life better yeah?

Another major issue is guns

If there were non lethal bullets as effective ,i'd want lethal bullets banned

But that's not a thing yet ,so everyone that wants a gun who is not mentally deranged ought to own one ...the most powerful weaponry in existence the average person ought to have it If they want it

Saudi Arabia is getting them after they murdered a Washington post journalist and Obama sold to them.too as they beheaded people in.public ,stoning women to death

Anyway,everyone's right to defense is sacred...


Republicans generally pass laws that benefits corporations and extremely rich people. Democrats, generally pass laws for the regular people. Basic civics. The misinformation that is generated is to persuade voters to vote the party to wield the power so that the party can push their agendas. When republicans run the government. There is generally a war, less government tax breaks for the wealthiest people, and for corporations so that corporations can make larger profits and interests rates rise and the USA goes into heavy debt. On the other hand democrats generally have more government to make normal people's life better such as cleaner air, water. Social programs for the poor and elderly, women, children and minorities. Interest rates get lower so the average person can afford to buy houses cars etc. Less military budget to pay for these programs. Hope this helps you understand the differences between the parties.

Audreys Level 3 Oct 14, 2018

Oooookaaaay. I don't see what your reply has to fo with what I said but yeah, sure....


I quit watching any news network that allowed someone with an opinion to debate another with facts. Your made up bullshit is not as important ars the facts of the case. So I agree with you totally.


YES! FUCK FAIRNESS! Conservatives/neo nazis certainly are not playing fair! No reason why we should!


I cannot be tolerant of cruelty. There is another word for tolerance of cruelty: cowardice.


Yup. "Fuck your fairness!"


I agree too, plus the fact that, at least in the US, it's the racists, the rich, and the other conservatives like gun nuts and anti-abortion folks who end up using violence and preaching the destruction of the poor and minorities. If anything the right is way more "intolerant" when it comes to hurting people, but I guess that's to be expected in a country that, as Malcom X once said, "respects violence (and power). In fact, I think it;s the only thing it respects". That man was such a prophet! Since his time, it's clear to me that the only time the left has actually accomplished anything has been when they decided to stop just playing nice in their activism. Sometimes I wonder if violence has a place and will be necessary to ever reverse the class war that's been going on one-sided since the 70s. Probably will happen once most of the jobs have been sent overseas or automated.


I couldn't agree more. Well said.



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